You’re tired, haven’t eaten dinner yet and have the kids to take care of. It’s late…. How the heck are you gonna workout today???

A simple jump rope high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is the answer you are looking for!

The other day, I was in this similar situation. Even worse, I had absolutely no motivation to workout. I just wanted to take a long hot shower, eat a big plate of food, watch TV and go to sleep. But I made a deal with myself.

If I could come up with a quick 10-minute, but intense workout routine, I would make the right decision to get my heart rate up today (as we all should everyday). My reward would then be that hot shower that I was longing for.

So, I grabbed my jump rope and set my interval timer to 10 sets of 20:40 intervals, which equals a 10-minute workout. The 20:40 interval means that 20 seconds of high-intensity (100% effort) is followed by 40 seconds of rest. If you are unfamiliar with HIIT, I encourage you to learn more about this ridiculously effective cardiovascular workout. HIIT was been not only shown to be safe for the majority of people, but has also been shown to help you to choose better foods, improve your endurance, sprint speed and fat burn better than traditional cardiovascular workout routines. 

I completed the workout, and guess what? I no longer had the need to take a long, hot shower, and all fatigue banished! Instead of a heavy dinner, I craved fruits and vegetables. I also slept well and woke up before my alarm clock went off with tons of energy.

I tell ya, HIIT is the real deal. It saves time and has plenty of health benefits. Performing a HIIT workout routine 2-3 times per week will definitely augment your life. The caveat — give 100% effort for those 20 seconds…