Ten minutes is all you really need for a targeted workout routine if you do it right… Doing it right means with 100% effort and intensity — all you got. Thanks to research continuing to back up the effectiveness of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), there is now sound evidence that you don’t need to spend an hour in the gym. Instead, (again, if done right) you can spend ten minutes in your living room, after work and before your shower, getting in your workout routine. The 10-Minute Biceps and Arms Workout Routine is designed just for that. If you are not convinced that you can get results in such little time, I challenge you to try this workout. You will not be disappointed.

For this 10-minute biceps and arms workout routine, you will perform as many repetitions, or reps, than you can of one exercise. When you can do no more, give yourself a 30 second to 1-minute break, and then start the next exercise. Keep moving from exercise to exercise until ten minutes are up.

Let’s get to it!

10-Minute Biceps and Arms Workout Routine


Set your timer for 10 minutes. Start your timer and perform as many repetitions of you can of the exercise, and then move on to the next one with as little rest as necessary. Perform as many repetitions of that one, and then move on... So on, and on...
I have yet to find a better upper body exercise…
Keep your abs tight and isolate your biceps!
If you work your biceps, you gotta work your triceps!
Working the upper body muscles we often neglect.
Biceps and shoulders… Oh my…