Learn how to squeeze in a quick 10-minute ab workout!
FACT: Most of your “ab workout” is put into what you eat. It doesn’t matter how many exercises you do, if you are not cutting back on your calories, you will not have a tight mid-section.

Every woman needs a convenient, 10-minute ab workout routine. Commitments at certain times can be simply too overwhelming to take the time for a full ab workout. The good news is that you can easily get in a good ab workout in 10 minutes with the 10-minute ab workout for women.

Mainstream exercise recommendations say you need 30-45 minutes of exercise. While this is beneficial if you have the time, I am a big believer that the intensity of your exercise is more important than the time you spending working out a specific muscle group. If you buy into this (if you haven’t already) you will notice some amazing benefits! Keep in mind that I am not selling you anything. I am simply offering you a time-saving 10-minute ab workout that will give you better results than traditional routines.

But you have to play your part.

In addition to performing the 10-minute ab workout for women, you have to master your diet. Ninety percent of your diet is based on what you eat! Your abdominal muscles are already there and won’t take much to build up. The issue is all of the subcutaneous (fat underneath the skin) fat on top of your abs that is to blame. Fortunately, getting your belly toned is easy. Because high-intensity interval training burns subcutaneous fat, simply combine this with a calorie-reducing diet and you will see results before you know it!

Quick 10-Minute Ab Workout for Women


Perform each exercise for one minute, and then move on to the next one. Perform each as many repetitions as you can for each exercise!

This is one of the best ab exercises for women. The wood chop exercise works you legs, butt, abs and arms. Do 30 seconds on each side. 

Hold those abs tight for a full minutes. Stop the clock if you have to take a break. Make sure you avoid holding your breath. 

Twist out that core! 

Hold the pilates crunch for a full minute!

Work your lower abs with the reverse crunch. The final touch to your 10-minute abs workout for women!

Don’t forget to repeat the circuit for the full 10-minute abs workout for women!