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Is there a difference between Wild-Caught and Farm-Raised Fish?

Learn how to make the best informed decision when choosing between wild-caught fish and farm-raised fish!

How Long Does it Take to “Detrain?”

Q: I haven't worked out in a few weeks. How long does it take to detrain, or lose the gains that I made from regular exercise? A: Many of us are guilty of being roller coaster exercisers. We are training for the Olympics one week, and next week winning gold medals in the beer can lift. Indeed, it is difficult to maintain a regular exercise schedule, but you must understand that if you do not, you may detrain sooner than [...]

Sweet Basil Honey Salmon Healthy Recipe

I am not a chef... I see cooking as an art and a hobby at times, but I cannot say it is a passion. In fact, I am not a huge follower of recipes, as I just do not have the patience to follow the recipe exactly. Sites like Dr. Gourmet have made cooking easier, but still --- I am the type of person that goes to the store, buys a bunch of stuff that seem to go together well, [...]

12-Minute Indoor HIIT Cardio Workout

It can really be a challenge to continue your consistency with a cardiovascular workout routine when it is cold outside. If you are at all like me, working out in cold weather is far from preferable. Cold air just doesn't go through my system as well as warm semi-humid air. With that being said, I designed this 10-Minute Indoor HIIT Cardio Workout Routine to make exercising indoors convenient for you, in both time and environment. This 10-Minute Indoor HIIT Cardio [...]

How to Tone Up and Lose Excessive Skin After Weight Loss

One of the least talked about "side effects" of a lot of weight loss includes extra skin and decreased tone. Prior to weight loss, excessive fat used to occupy these areas, but now that the fat is gone, there is excessive skin and tissue. How can you get rid of it? First, you have to make sure that there is no more fat to lose. Although you have probably lost a good amount of fat, there may be more fat [...]

How to Avoid Missing a Workout

"I'm gonna start Monday..." A phrase that we all have used and made a regular practice of in some point of our exercise lives. Sometimes we start strong on Monday and maintain. Other times, our scheduled exercise time is replaced with catching up on things we didn't do over the weekend that we have to do now. I am guilty of using Monday's... For example, this past Friday I had a scheduled workout, but was exhausted, and wanted to have [...]

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