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Shadow Box Workout Routine to Improve Heart Health and Arm Endurance

Cardiovascular exercise does not have to be focused on leg workouts, such as walking, jogging, running, biking, etc. You can achieve excellent cardiovascular fitness solely with upper body aerobic workouts, especially with a shadow box workout. Because most of us are not looking to jump in the ring anytime soon, you can improvise with shadow boxing workouts. Shadowboxing workouts require no equipment, minimal space and only a few minutes to jump your heart rate up and your calorie burning potential. You [...]

Tabata Burpees – The Ultimate 4-Minute Total Body Workout Routine

Tabata Burpees rival the most efficient and effective workout routines that improve fitness and burn fat.

20-Minute Seasonal Spring Outdoor Workout

My favorite season of the year is finally here. Like many of you, I have been exercising indoors for the past several months and am ready to perform an outdoor workout, sweat and enjoy the company of other "exercisers." I love to run and workout in an open park. Not only can you run, bike, etc outdoors, you can also knock out a quick 20-minute outdoor workout routine. Here is a program you can do outdoors that does not require [...]

Charity Miles: Sponsors Donate to Charity for Exercising

Charity Miles is a health and fitness app that tracks your walk, run or bike mileage while helping you raise money for charity!

Slow-Paced Workout Routine to Build Muscle Size for the Total Body

You should rarely perform a traditional workout routine where you are not concerned about the speed of your movements. In general, moving fast improves muscle endurance, while moving slow build up the size of your muscles, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. In order to help you build the size of your muscles, I present a Slow-Paced Total Body Workout! If you are looking for a slow-paced workout routine to build muscle, you must know that eccentric, slow movements [...]

EnduraCool Towel Review by ExerciseMenu.com

Keep your fitness and workout gear up to speed with this interesting instant cooling towel from Mission Athletecare!

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