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Plateau Busting Upper Body Challenge Workout Routine

Every now and then we all need a challenge to step away from the monotony of our daily workout routine. Let's say you have been exercising your upper body muscles for some time and have reached a plateau. In other words, you aren't progressing as much as you would like to in your resistance training program. You are sticking to your workout routine, but not getting stronger or improving your muscular tone. This is now the time where you want [...]

Abs and Back Pyramid Workout Routine

Your abs and back are essential to exercise to maintain core strength. Core strength is associated with a better ability to perform daily tasks. In addition, core strength can help your sports performance and improve your ability to strengthen other muscles. According to Harvard Health Publications, you should not just perform crunches as it can cause an unbalanced core. Instead, use a variety of different abdominal and core exercise to make sure you stay balanced. Keeping this in mind, the [...]

30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan

While having high cholesterol is concerning, consider it feedback that your cardiovascular system needs maintenance. Having high cholesterol is similar to having a clog in the fuel line in your car. The maintenance light comes on (AKA the "high" lab result) and you may also notice that your body is not operating at full potential. So what do you do? Make a few adjustments to your lifestyle to improve your cholesterol profile. Getting back to your doctor's recommendations, you absolutely [...]

Exercise Bike and Abs Workout Routine

Today, I present an Exercise Bike and Abs Workout Routine that will help you to get those abs we all desire. Bur first, when it comes to getting visible and chiseled abs you must understand a few basic concepts: you cannot spot reduce you have to have a low body fat percentage to see abs you have to build up your ab muscles cardio is a must your diet is most important If you understand these 5 basic concepts of [...]

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Review: A Must-Have for Your Home Gym

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbell pair is one of the most genius fitness products to-date! A discouragement to working out at home is the lack of gym equipment. Quite frankly, dumbbells are expensive if you buy them one at a time or by a pair. Purchasing a wide range of dumbbell sizes with a stand can cost you many thousands of dollars! Fortunately, Bowflex has developed the Bowflex SelectTech 552, which is a pair of adjustable dumbbells. With a quick [...]

The Best Time of Day to Workout: 10-20-30 Routine

Running Shoes Workout Clothes Alternating your speeds helps you burn caloriesĀ andĀ build muscle. Try eating on a saucer-sized plate instead of a large plate to help reduce your portions. Step up your 10-20-30 cardio workout routine. The Best Time of Day to Workout I have been asked this question at many different points of my career. I have met clients as early at 6am to train at the "best time of day" and I [...]

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