Working out when sick may be good, or it may be bad… It really depends not only on how sick you are, but it also depends on the intensity of the workout routine that you perform. Finding a workout to do when sick can be difficult. Fortunately, I hope to solve this problem for you by recommending exercises that are generally safe to perform when sick.

Research┬árecommends avoiding high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or other similar high-intensity workout routines when you are sick. Instead, light to moderate intensity workout routines are preferred. Read this article to learn more, but overall, intense exercise uses too much energy that likely weakens your immune system while it is fighting an infection. Light to moderate exercise most likely supports your immune system because it raises your bodies temperature (mimics a fever) and improves blood flow, which may help your body’s immune cells get into action!

Based on these research-supported recommendation, I have put together a handful of exercises and designed a workout to do when sick.

The Workout To Do When Sick

Perform each exercise as instructed. Go slow!

You should not feel worn out after this exercise, but still feel like you did something. You should feel a bit warmer and your heart rates should be up a bit. Congratulate your self on completing this “workout to do when sick” and I hope that you feel better soon!

Don’t ever hesitate to contact your doctor if you are concerned about your symptoms. You also may want to check with your doctor before performing this workout routine.