As a personal trainer and physician, I appreciate the importance of having a set workout routine to achieve a particular fitness goal. It can be frustrating to search for different workout routines each day you want to exercise. It’s much easier to already have them designed and scheduled for you. Further, paying for a particular workout routine may be another obstacle to helping you get started with a particular plan.

Exercise Menu provides different 4-week workout routines that are designed to meet your specific goal in the context of your lifestyle. In addition, all of the workout routines can be done at home and require only a pair of dumbbells at the most. Because of the basis of the workout routines, you can also make them as intense as you want depending on your level of fitness.

Choose Your One Month Workout Routine:

Ease Into Exercise Workout Routine for Beginners – The perfect plan for you if you are new to exercise or “ready to get back into it.” Includes many basic workouts that you should include in your exercise toolbox to ensure sustainable results.

Weight Loss Workout Routine – A workout plan that includes many low-weight, high-rep workouts that cause you to burn more fat while resistance training. Build muscle and burn fat simultaneously to keep the weight off.

Busy Lifestyles Workout Routine – Too busy to workout? This plans includes many 20-minute circuit workout programs to help you squeeze those sessions into your day.

The Best Workout Routine – If you want a solid one month workout plan, you can’t beat this one. Knock out those 4-weeks of exercise and see how much better your life will become.

Former Athlete Workout Routine – Back in the day you were an all-star… Well, it’s never too late to get back into the excellent shape that you used to be in. Hit the reset button with this former athlete workout plan, and find that ole’ lean body in no time.

Get Ripped Plan for Men – No more playin’ around with fad workout plans or supplements. Perform high-quality workouts to get lean, cut and ripped the right, sustainable way.

Pre-Wedding Bride Workout Routine– The big day will be here before you know it, and all eyes will be on you! Rock your dress the way it is supposed to be with an exercise program that will get you looking your best.

Enjoy these workout routines that will definitely get you the results you want!