Your upper body is made to be toned and muscular. Period. There is nothing more attractive than someone who noticeably takes care of his or her body, and the first thing most notice is your upper body physique. In addition to improving your attractiveness, the One Month Upper Body Workout Plan will increase the muscle strength in your upper body to help you better perform daily functions. Wouldn’t you like to save a few trips to and from the car when pulling groceries out of your trunk? Not only will daily activities be easier for you, but you will also be less likely to suffer an injury to your upper body or back if you have good strength. Let this one month upper body workout plan help you get there in only 30 days.

Perform one upper body workout three times per week. Keep up your cardio with the many cardio workout options available. If you have the energy and time to do cardio 5 days per week, then go for it! However, do a minimum of at least 3 cardio workouts per week to make sure you are burning fat and increasing endurance!

Your One Month Upper Body Workout Plan

Week One

Use the first week of this one month workout plan to wake those upper body muscles up! Time to start the fat burn!

20 Minute Arm Circuit Workout Routine – Your first upper body workout routine to get those arms ready for a serious month of work!

Superfly Bi’s and Tri’s Workout Routine – Learn a very important technique tip in this workout routine.

20 Minute Workout Routine for Strong Shoulders – Spend some time today focusing on your shoulders.

Week Two

Step up the pace of your workout routine this week with more challenging, but efficient workouts!

Blast Your Biceps 20 Minute Circuit Workout Routine – Build the beach muscles… Boom!

500 Rep Upper Body Workout Routine – Get your 500 reps! Your arms will be so tight after this one!

Tough Arm Challenge Workout Routine – Finish this week off with this challenge!

Week Three

Half way mark! Let's polish things up this week of your upper body workout routine!

Tick Tock Challenge Workout Routine – Two weeks left. Time to step up your game… You are half way done! Keep it up!

500 Rep Triceps Workout Routine – Horseshoe triceps are in your near future!

20 Minute Arm Circuit Workout Routine – See how much easier this exercise is now in comparison to week one!

Week Four

Last three workout routines for this month to get your upper body right!

Shoulder Round Off Slow Burn Workout Routine – Let’s hit shoulders again to start this week.

500 Rep Upper Body Workout Routine  – Hit this upper body workout routine again this week. 500 reps are the way to go! Definite results!

Tough Arm Challenge Workout Routine– Finish strong with this upper body challenge workout routine! It will feel so good when you are done!

Again, Congratulations on getting through this challenging one month upper body workout plan! Please let me know if this schedule was helpful in getting you to look your best. Check out other Exercise Menu Workout Routines that focus on other areas of your body.

Share your experiences with this one month upper body workout plan below!

Resource : ACSM