Eighty percent of Americans will have back pain at some point in life. Most cases of back pain are thought to be caused by “degenerative disc disease;” however, the truth is that most simple cases of low back pain are caused by poor posture and weak back muscles. The best way to keep your back healthy is to keep the muscles in your back strong and practice proper posture techniques. Do this, and you will be doing your part to keep your back healthy!

Perform this workout to improve back  and you will reduce your likelihood of having back problems 😉 If you already have a back problem, be sure to do these workouts under your doctor’s supervision.

Workout to Improve Back Strength

Perform each back exercise as described

The Superman exercise is one of the best instrumental exercises that you can perform for your back. Perform this exercise regularly and your back will stay strong!

The Reverse Flys exercise is great to keep the muscles in your upper back and shoulders strong and healthy. The muscles worked in this exercise are instrumental in keeping good posture.

The Pilates Crunch Hold will work both your abs and back muscles to help to stabilize your core. Strong core, strong back. It may be that simple…

Another great exercise for strong back muscles! Perfect the Ab Planks. Do them for life!

Make sure your doctor says it is safe to workout your back muscles. If so, keep doing your part to keep your back muscles healthy and back problems will not be anything you have to deal with!

Here are some more exercises you can do to help your back pain – Low Back Pain Exercises, Mayo Clinic