You made it through the day. Of course you are thankful that you have a job, have learned to enjoy your work and keep your outlook positive, but you are just drained today. It happens to the best of us.

If you are like most, you finish the “work segment” of your day, only to begin the “home segment” that involves running errands, cooking or performing other house maintenance activities. You can’t complain, but just simply need a break in your routine. Something to refresh you. Although you may not necessarily feel like it, a nice, easy, refreshing workout routine is all that you absolutely need to break your stepwise routine today. Because you aren’t quite at 100 percent, we can keep it simple today with a workout that will refresh you and help you get over this hump!

Your “After Work Refresh” Workout Routine

  1. Let’s get your blood flowing and first Jog in Place. And you know what? Don’t even time yourself. Just jog in place until you feel warm and loose. Let your heart and muscles warm up while your brain unwinds. Within the next minute or so, you should already begin to feel a bit refreshed. Enjoy this exercise, clear your mind and move on when you want to.
  2. Since your legs are already warm, let’s do the Squat with Calf Raises exercise. Your legs are the base support for your body and contain a couple of large muscles that need some attention today. This exercise works almost every single muscle in your lower body, so doing a few sets of these will allow you to be able to check “lower body exercise” of your workout list for the day. For this exercise I want you to close your eyes and go slow. This will allow you to take your time, focus on your body movements and clear your mind of any stale or negative thoughts or emotions that may be bothering you. Research has shown to going slow can help you work your muscle better anyway. Do 3 sets of this exercise. Do as many repetitions as you want to in each set. My advice would be to do as many as you can until you can no longer bear the leg burn.
  3. Put some focus now into your core with an ab and back exercise, the Ab Plank. This exercise again, works many muscles in your body, while focusing the majority of your physical and mental stress on your strong core muscles. Again, close your eyes and clear your mind of any negative thoughts or feelings while doing this exercise. Perform three times and hold for as long as you can each time.
  4. Finish your refresh workout with the Curl and Delts exercise that will focus some much needed attention on your arms and shoulders. You will need a pair of dumbbells for this exercise. As far as pace, you decide – go as fast or as slow as you want to. If you are stressed, try speeding up the pace of your movements to release any built up tension that you may have. If the first three exercises did a decent job of clearing your mind, take it slow, breathe deep and enjoy the focused attention that you are giving your body. For this exercise, choose a weight in which you can perform 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

Feel refreshed? Share your experiences and your results from this workout with others below!