When it comes to taking vitamins and medications, we want to be sure that we take the best available product on the market. We will pay good money to get the best multivitamin, blood pressure lowering medication or diabetes drug. We shy away from generic, or cheap brands and choose the name-brand package because we are sure that it will work best. Well, why don’t we do the same thing with food?

Woman eating a supersized hamburger- Courtesy of Superstock.comWhen it comes to food, we are not quite as picky for some reason. We don’t want to pay for quality fruits, vegetables and meats. It’s ironic because we get most of our nutrition from what we eat, whether or not we use supplemental vitamins.

Imagine waking up in the morning and taking your High Trans Fat and Glucose Vitamin, which equates to a few doughnuts or other unhealthy cereals, pastries and breakfast products. Follow it with another High Sugar Pill, similar to the orange juice we would drink.

What about lunch? Good thing the cafeteria sells all you can take Vitamins Loaded with Sodium, Simple Carbohydrates, Cholesterol and Bad Fats, similar to hot plates, grilled meats and french fries. Just what you need to crash at work this afternoon. But good thing you have your High Empty Calorie Pill that you bought from the vending machine.

Then, you get home and top your vitamin regimen off with the Large Portion High Calorie Vitamin, just in case you didn’t meet your daily values of bad fats, sodium, cholesterol and empty calories. Finish with another Sugar Vitamin that promises worsening of diabetes.

As silly as this may seem, this is what we do when we make poor dietary choices everyday. Pretend that each food you eat is a type of vitamin. In fact, look at it as the most natural vitamin that you can take that is G.O.D. approved, proven to cure cancer, control weight, lower cholesterol, control diabetes and reduce blood pressure.

So next time you make your food choice, ask yourself would you take that food as a vitamin?