Dear Exercise Menu Visitor,

I am writing this letter to you to make sure that you are aware of the most simple methods of losing weight successfully. In speaking with patients and clients, I have realized that many simple steps towards healthy weight loss are either unknown or misunderstood. My goal in building this site is to make sure that you first understand these easy lifestyle improvements. If just one of these resonates with you, it’s an additional tool that you can use to reach your goal.

Below, I share the best weight loss advice that I have to offer. I will also keep updating this list every time I come across or think of a new tip.

I genuinely want you to succeed while making these exciting changes! No matter what, every small change you will make can only make things better for you!

If you really want it, you got it! What you do now is the only way to change your future!

  1. Make sure it’s not an underlying health problem. You may be doing everything right, but may have an undiagnosed health issue that can be preventing you from losing weight. Check with your doctor to make sure that no medical condition is preventing you from losing weight. Also be sure to ask if beginning an exercise/dieting program is okay.
  2. Get your mind and spirit right, first. Weight loss and weight management is nothing more than a mind game. Learning to pay attention to what you eat, what you drink and how much you eat is all you really need to do to lose weight! PAY ATTENTION! In other words, you should be fully present, or aware every time you eat or drink anything.
  3. Keep a diet log. To go along with the #2 tip, keep a diet log every time you drink or eat anything. This will help you become aware of what you are putting in your body.
  4. Realize that what you eat becomes you! The saying “you are what you eat” is absolutely true. It’s easy to eat or drink and imagine that food or beverage disappearing into the eternal abyss of your stomach. But the truth is that everything you consume is digested and interacts with many parts of your body in some way. In addition, foods can also trigger certain signals in your body telling it to secrete  a certain hormone or respond in a certain way. Healthier foods trigger healthier signals, and bad foods trigger unhealthy signals that cause imbalance. Your cells, your muscles, your skin, your hair, your brain are all made from the foods you eat!
  5. Weight loss has much less to do with exercise than you may think. Yes, exercise is super important! But, when it comes to weight loss, it likely plays a small role. I tell many of my patients that “weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise.” Which is easier, to avoid eating a 300 calorie snack or jog for 60 minutes??? Avoidance of eating bad food is easier than using exercise to repair the damage.
  6. Learn to love fruits and vegetables. There is no better gift from nature than fruits and vegetables. I think of fruits and vegetables as God’s way of making dirt tasty! Fertile soil contains all of the nutrients and minerals that our bodies need to live long healthy lives, but clearly you can’t eat dirt! Plants do the job of taking these wonderful nutrients out of dirt through a sterile process to put them in a form that we can consume. Learn to become “good friends” with edible plants and you will soon notice the side effect of this relationship — weight loss!
  7. Drink only water, coffee or tea bag teas. If you stop drinking anything other than these three beverages, you may be able to easily lose a tremendous amount of weight. Sodas, juice drinks, beer can contain hundreds of calories per serving. In the case of a 20-ounce Coke, you are drinking 2.5 servings of the beverage resulting in 2.5 times the calories. Each soda can have anywhere between 250-350 calories per 8 ounces. For every 10 or so that you stop drinking, you can lose one pound of fat! The same holds true for juice, which many mistakenly think is healthy.
  8. Be mature and take responsibility.  It is very freeing to be an adult. You can do whatever you want without anyone looking over your shoulder! While we have learned to make mature choices and take care of our responsibilities in life, many of us have neglected to become mature in our eating habits. We know that fast food is bad. We know that eating a lot of food is bad, but we continue to make these bad choices out of immaturity. We have never forced ourselves to choose better. Put your old ways aside and allow your dieting life to “grow up!”
  9. Stay away from white pasta, bread and rice. A serving of white rice, pasta or bread is as bad as eating a tablespoon of sugar. After consumption of what is called a “simple carbohydrate” your blood sugar levels spike and excess sugar is stored as fat. In addition, eating these foods drains your energy because of the work your body has to do to process this sugar.
  10. Choose complex carbohydrates. Instead of simple carbohydrates, eat complex carbohydrates that include brown rice and pasta and multi-grain breads. Because of the fiber in these foods, the food is digested slowly and glucose is slowly released into your bloodstream. This avoids fat gain and allows a steady stream of energy that will last many hours.
  11. Lose weight with a group. Weight loss is much easier and a lot more fun if you do it as a team. Find a family member or friend with similar goals. Keep each other accountable and share tips and articles with one another. Having someone there along with you will help to ensure your success.
  12. Measure your belly. Use a small tailor tape measure and measure your abdominal circumference at least once per week. Place the tape measure on your belly button and wrap it around your waist. Keep a log of your measurements.
  13. Eat a large breakfast. Many skip the most important meal of the day. When it comes to portions, breakfast should be your largest portion of food — not dinner. A large, healthy breakfast will help you to avoid the mid-morning hunger pang, and reduce the amount of food that you eat at lunch or dinner. For breakfast, eat a couple of eggs, multi-grain toast with a little jelly and an apple. Wake up early and spend a few extra minutes preparing a fresh meal. Spend some time researching other healthy breakfast ideas around the web.
  14. Watch what you add to food and drinks. You drink coffee, but add tons of cream and sugar. You eat salad, but the salad dressing has 300 calories per serving. You eat multi-grain toast, but load on the butter and jelly… Get my drift? Your food does not need to be bland, but take it easy on the additions.
  15. Fully accept that it will take time. It’s going to take time to reach your goal. Accept it. Think of it as starting high school. You were nervous. You knew it would be hard. And there was no way that you could graduate early. You had to take things day by day. Do your homework. Study. Pass difficult test. But then eventually graduate! Looking back, high school was a blink in time. It will be the same with your weight loss goal. Stay present. Conquer the days goals and you will graduate!
  16. Exercise regularly and with intensity.  Let your body help you burn calories. Weight loss comes first from dieting, but exercise burns calories while your exercising and while at rest! Resistance training also builds muscles that helps to burn calories, even while you sleep. So, try your best to exercise everyday. You should also exercise with intensity! Once you get in the exercise groove after a few weeks of regular workouts. I definitely recommend trying a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout .There is a lot of emerging research that is showing that HIIT workouts burn fat better than moderate-paced workouts.
  17. Research, research, research. The more you know, the more tools you will have to succeed. Find your favorite resources, websites or blogs to continue learning from. Knowledge builds confidence and self-accountability. Don’t be afraid to try new recipes or workouts. Just make sure that the information you read is from a reputable source! Avoid fads and quick weight loss schemes.
  18. Count to 10 before you eat anything! Bless your food, and then count to 10 before you take your first bite! Often, we eat without paying attention to the food we are consuming. This causes us to overeat and not feel satisfied when done. Counting to 10 will help you to become present and appreciate the entire process that your food went to to end up on your plate to provide you with nutrition and energy.
  19. Eat on a saucer-sized plate. Eat your food on a small, saucer-sized plate to help you control your portions. Wait 20 minutes before you go back for a second serving.
  20. Eat on a white plate. Eating on a white plate will help your food stick out more, making it appear like a larger serving. This is a nice psychological trick to help you eat less.
  21. Don’t let failure get you down. It never is a failure if you get back in the swing of things. It’s only a failure if you give up. Very few people can make such difficult changes the first time around. It’s not a big deal if you gain a few pounds. Simply, open your toolbox and get back to work!
  22. Master the Mediterranean diet.  Make this diet your foundation and you can’t go wrong!