We’ve gathered up our top 5 HIIT workout gear to share with you today. HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – intermixes short bursts of high intensity exercising with active recovery periods at a lower intensity. This can be done a variety of ways including cardio equipment (bikes, TM, stair master), body weight exercises, or even running. Whether, you’re new to the HIIT trend, or have been a long time participant, we hope some of these products below can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

  1. Heart rate watch: This watch is great if you want to make sure you are hitting your target heart rate zones during your workout (HIIT is typically classified as all-out effort, ~90-95% max heart rate). It also provides calories burned (based on input personal data, i.e.: age, sex, weight), and can connect to compatible gym equipment.
    1. Another alternative we love: Fitbit Charge HR – no chest strap required.
  2. Balance disc: This is an excellent challenge to add in to your HIIT workouts and to really advance exercises that may be too easy.  For example it can be incorporated with several body weight exercises including: push-ups, squats, lunges, and planks (to name a few!).
  3. Armband for phone: Your phone is a perfect companion to your HIIT workout. It provides music, an interval timer (there are some great apps for this), and workouts on our website (we’re mobile friendly!). Nothing can ruin a great workout like a phone that won’t stay in place.  This arm band can easily fit most phones (see item description for details) and velcros in place, so it goes until you stop going!
  4. Workout Mat: Let’s face it, hardwood or concrete flooring is not the ideal place to perform some of your workouts, especially those involving lots of body weight. Have no fear, this workout mat is here! It provides a non-slip surface to protect your hands (and prevent slippage), while also delivering an extra bit of cushion when you are limited on where you can workout.
  5. Sweat band: Sweat? Who has time for that; we don’t!  Don’t let sweat in your eyes ruin a workout for you. This band not only stops sweat in it’s place, but also can act as a head band, so you can focus on your routine and not your hair hanging in your eyes.
    1. Another alternative we love, in black.

We’d love to hear any suggestions about other fitness gear that have aided you in your HIIT workouts. If you’ve tried any of the above out, let us know what you think by commenting below!

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