The Upper Body Pyramid Workout Routine is easily one of the best ways to both improve the endurance of your upper body muscle and to build strength. A pyramid workout is a circuit-type of workout routine in which you perform 10 of each exercise, then 9 of each, then 8, etc… All the way down to 1 repetition of each. For the last set you perform 11 of each exercise. The goal is to complete the Upper Body Pyramid Workout Routine as fast as possible, with as little rest as possible.

Another great aspect about the Upper Body Pyramid Workout Routine is that it can be customized further to match your goals. If your goal is mostly to improve upper body muscle endurance, then you can you a lighter weight for the exercises. On the other hand, if your goal is to improve upper body  muscle strength, then you can use heavier weight to build more muscle.

Finally, in selling you the Upper Body Pyramid Workout Routine, I have to say that it is fun. Whenever I jump into this workout, I pull out my best workout playlist. I get excited to press start on my stopwatch as I push myself and compete against my old time. Every time that I finish this Upper Body Pyramid Workout Routine, I feel great and look really toned after. Give this Upper Body Pyramid Workout Routine a try today — you will enjoy it!

Upper Body Pyramid Workout Routine


Perform 10 of each, then 9, then 8, then 7, then 6....1. And then perform 11 of each in the final round.

Start off with the classic upper body exercise!

Let’s perform an opposite movement to the Push Up to make sure that we stay balanced. 

Perform repetitions on each side! A perfect exercise for your triceps muscles. 

Knock out both biceps and shoulders at the same time!

This is a good exercise for your shoulders and neck. Let’s throw in some leg burn for fun 😉

If you would like to keep track of your time, post it below! Now you will always have a reference and be a part of encouraging others!