Eighty percent of Americans are going to suffer from an episode of low back pain at some point in life. This is a problem. Not only does low back pain cause individual discomfort and sometimes suffering, but also costs the healthcare system a great deal of money.

Exercise Menu is designed to teach and provide the means for you to take optimal care of your body. Readers have expressed a desire to learn more about body mechanics and how it can relate to dysfunction and pain. Fortunately, the Exercise Menu team is growing. A few new experts share the same passion that I do to help you live healthy and pain free. Kyri Ioannou, is one of these experts.

Specifically, Kyri is an expert is anatomy, physiology, rehabilitation and massage techniques used to treat multiple types of joint pain, including low back pain. He has an Upper Class Second Honors degree in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention, and a Masters in Advanced Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences, specializing in mobility of the lumbar spine. He also holds certifications in kinesio-taping, acupuncture, joint mobilizations and is an NASM certified personal trainer. His wide knowledge base and experience combines a broad spectrum of therapeutic ideas to achieve the optimum goal of health and movement.

Kyri has taken time to provide extensive content in a series on joint pain, first addressing low back pain. First, he explains the basics of anatomy. Then, he shows how your low back anatomy is supposed to operate from a functional movement perspective. Finally, he describes the most common causes of low back pain.

You will learn that low back pain is simply based on the lack of proper posture and functional abuse of an amazing structure. Kyri does an excellent job of highlighting this relationship in this series.

Kyri is now working on providing exercises that we can all do to improve our posture and prevent low back pain.

Learn how to take control of low back pain now!