Achieving a lifestyle of fitness is all about goal setting, goal accomplishment, and often, goal revision. It can be difficult to workout on a regular basis without a set goal in mind, whether it be to lose so many pounds or run so many miles. Throughout the year we set goals, and some we reach and others we revise. Despite the personal goals you have for yourself, there are two goals that you should have to lay the foundation for a successful lifetime of fitness.

Don’t Skip More Days Because You Missed a Few Days!

This is my best excuse for not working out. “Well, I missed a few days last week, so I’ll be starting at step one. Uh, I’ll start on Monday…”

Don’t think like that! Yes it is true, that if you miss a few days of exercise you will lose some of your muscle or cardiovascular strength. The body adapts quickly to its environment, and unfortunately, you quickly lose fitness gains if you miss a few exercise sessions. But, I encourage to start as soon as you can if you have been inconsistent. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to gain your strength and fitness back! Start with the 12 Minute Office Workout for starters. But don’t wait!Set Goals

Set a Goal to Record Most of Your Exercise Sessions

You have worked hard. You have finished your workout. Why shouldn’t you get credit for it? It’s like going to work and forgetting to punch your time card, or taking a test without a grade in return. You should get credit and feedback for your workout. Keeping track of the amount of weight you do, the number of reps and the type of exercise serves as excellent motivation in the future. If you could only do 8 reps of Curl and Delts with 20lbs. when you started, but can now do 10 reps with 40lbs, you should reward yourself for your improvement! But how can you really know how well you are improving if you don’t keep track? It doesn’t take much to do. Get yourself a notebook and write the type of exercise, the weight you use and the number of reps and sets you perform. It’s that simple! At the end of the week, review your progress and reward yourself!

These two goals should be set in stone for you if you want to be successful in your workout regimen. Make the comittment and see the results!

Jacques Courseault, M.D.

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