Don’t Weight to Lose Body Compositions:

Body Comp Date Weight (lbs) Waist (in) Body Fat % Trunk Fat %
DWTL 3/4/2009 First Program 3/17/2009 302.6 51.5 41.5 46.9
DWTL 1/16/2010 Second Program 1/30/2010 267.8 49 38.9


DWTL Tulane Health fair 3/21/2010 250 47 35.8 39.1
DWTL 9/18/2010 Third Program 10/16/2010 219.8 40.5 28.2 32

Annual Physical and blood work:

Date Weight BP Triglycerides Total Cholesterol HDL LDL
Sep-08 295 120/76 224 221 44 132
Aug-09 300 112/84 141 195 38 129
Jul-10 234 108/72 93 146 49 78

Jacques, I owe a huge debt to you and DWTL for giving me the tools and support to make the changes I needed to save my life. I hope to repay that for the rest of my life by giving back to the fight against obesity in our society, especially in children. I can’t tell you how many people have told me congratulations and that what I’ve done is remarkable, amazing or any number of adjectives. Two thoughts come to mind after I reply thank you. First, all I’ve done is learn how to eat appropriately which I apparently I didn’t learn 45 years ago (and what our children are not learning correctly today). Second, the Tulane medical students have enabled me to make  positive changes. They are the ones that deserve the credit and my gratitude. DWTL deserves the credit and my gratitude for the tools delivered without any strings attached or gimmicks. My wife and my family deserve the credit and my gratitude for the constant support and encouragement to change.

I am grateful for feeling better, losing weight and improving my health. However, I am most grateful for:

1.     My wife (who has worked the DWTL program and looks great) who believes for the first time that exercise will be part of her regular routine forever. She enjoys exercise with me, and is now interested in cycling.

2.     My 18 year old son who is learning to eat with portion control. He no longer eats everything on his plate and rarely orders an appetizer…and I haven’t said a word. He is learning from my example.

Let me say that again. The best reason to make a change in your life for better health is the impact on your loved ones. They are watching you and will make changes that improve their life because of what you are doing for yourself!! I can think of no better reason to begin to change.

Thank you again,

Timothy G. French.