Timothy French- July 2010

Portion control was working well and I lost weight. My wife allowed me to put my bicycle in our dining area, which was great motivation. Instead of coming home from work and sitting in front of the TV, I sat on the bike and pedaled while watching TV. I didn’t ride fast or hard, but about the equivalent of a moderate walk. The weight loss was motivation to keep up the effort and it got to the point where I couldn’t sit on the couch and watch TV. I had to be on the bike.

I’d been doing portion control a little more than two months when I received the email announcing the January 2010 session. My wife agreed to join me for the program, which I had spoken about for so long. I thought it would be a great way to track my weight with the body comps and to keep from getting bored following the same routine. I didn’t expect that this session of DWTL would have a bigger focus on exercise. ExerciseMenu.com had a huge impact on me.

This session rolled out exercise in the same format as the food and nutrition from the previous session. The 4 week program of exercise starting with THAW WEEK was perfect for getting me started with strength training. The weekly group exercise class demonstrated the required exercise for each week of the MELT RECIPE. I must admit that having my wife involved helped keep me going. It really didn’t take very long to complete the daily routine.

Like the first session I still had problems doing the exercises in a group. I was still embarrassed in general, losing my balance during lunges, not being able to breathe during the superman or crunch. My knees cracked every time I did squats and I needed two chairs to attempt the dips. The difference this time…I was engaged. I did the homework, it got easier every week, I saw positive results and I had support at home.

Exercise Menu was perfect for me to get started. It had structure to keep me on track at the beginning while adding variety to the routines in the following weeks. By the end of the program I was off and running on my own routine doing what worked for me. I made sure I included the exercises I hated at the beginning of this session (lunges) and they became easier as I gained strength and balance. I made sure to change the routine either by repetition count or style, exercise variety or slow burn versus fast style.

The big difference from years past was this time I was able to include strength into my aerobic routines so they worked together. The results were all that was needed to keep me motivated to continue exercising. I was able to finally return to the activities I loved before, like cycling, and felt great doing them. I no longer have the back and joint pain from when I was inactive, just the occasional soreness from overdoing an activity.

DTWL shared lots of tricks to help get me active and on track. What I took away this time was to weigh myself every day, keep a log book and keep it simple. It takes about 2 minutes in the morning to record my weight, the number of steps, the number of times I ate fruits, the number of times I ate veggies, what type of exercise I did (slow or fast) and for how many minutes. I was a slow learner, but I finally figured out that my daily record was not a punishment stick, but an inspiration and motivation tool. If I had a day that was not perfect, I didn’t agonize over it, but focused on doing better the next day.

Summary of milestone 3:

Positive lessons:

  • Exercise Menu made it easy!!!
  • Strength training is a must
  • Support of family and friends is critical
  • Keep a record or log
  • Engage, be involved and participate

Lessons missed:

  • Feedback to the group
  • Share what works

Proof that it worked:

  • Weight loss
  • Strength gained
  • Amazing decrease in Lipid profile

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