Timothy French - September 2009

My first session of DWTL in March 2009 is the first milestone of the journey. From that session, I learned that five serving of fruits and vegetables per day and walking at least 10,000 steps were key. If I learned nothing else, that alone would be of value for the rest of my life. I still keep track of these parameters daily. I also learned the importance of consuming more whole grains, such as brown rice and brown pastas. In addition, I learned how to properly read nutrition labels.  I now try to avoid all processed foods and oils, and think this is working for me.

I thought Dr. Harlan (a guest DWTL nutrition speaker) was hilarious…especially when he said that the BMI weight charts are accurate and that flavored coffee creamer is the worst thing we could put in our body. According to the charts, a “normal” BMI of 24 for me is 153 lbs which had me rolling in the aisle with laughter, and I couldn’t imagine me giving up my coffee creamer. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the Dr. Gourmet lecture and have recommended his lecture and website to many friends. Let’s just say I had a little doubt.

I loved the lectures, hated the exercises, did not engage or participate in exercise at home. I’ve re-read my notes before writing this and see that I totally missed portion control. I had trouble exercising and was embarrassed to try it in the group. I couldn’t breathe when trying to do a crunch. I couldn’t do a squat or lunge for fear of knee (re) injury. If I got down on the floor, I wasn’t getting back up. I couldn’t get past my weight being a limitation for exercise during the first session of DWTL.

Summary of milestone 1:

Positive lessons:

  • 5 fuits & veggies per day
  • 10000 steps per day
  • Whole grains and complex carbs
  • Read nutrition labels
  • Use good oils and avoid processed fats/foods.

Lessons missed:

Proof that it worked:

  • Triglycerides decreased 86 mg/dl

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