Timothy French - October 2009

Timothy French is a follower or Exercise Menu workout programs. He reinforces the fact that small practical changes result in weight loss and great improvements in health. Read his story:

I’ll start my story in early 2009 to keep it brief. I could just as easily start it at an earlier time, as weight gain and weight loss have been a long term event. I’ve gained and lost large amounts of weight throughout my life since childhood and have spent too much spiritual and physical energy trying to maintain a healthy weight. I don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the eating habits I learned growing up were flawed. Unfortunately, adapting healthy habits is more difficult than recognizing that there is a problem.

Recognizing the Problem

In 2009 I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to do something with my weight if I wanted to live longer than my 47th birthday. I had been over 250 lbs for 8 years peaking at 304 lbs in 2009. I’m pretty sure I was more ball shape than apple or pear being 5’7” tall (5’ 6.5” according to the last session of DWTL). That’s 67” tall and 51” around the waist, I was physically and emotionally miserable. Although my body was still functioning and my blood work was almost in normal range, I felt bad. My feet hurt constantly. My ankles and knees protested constantly, especially in the morning. My back hurt, I couldn’t sleep well, I would get headaches daily and I just did not feel well. I’d had a nagging chest discomfort for 2 years without a diagnosis. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the stress my health was putting on my wife. I knew I needed help and I knew that I would have to make a lifestyle change. A diet or diet group by itself was not going to fix my problem. I started looking for a support group in the New Orleans area and attempted to contact a few, but there are few available. One day I was walking to my office and passed by the bus stop in front of 1555 Poydras. If memory serves me, I believe it had a Don’t Weight to Lose advertisement for the March 2009 session. It was next to my office and convenient to my work. It was the evening of a work day so I had no excuse to not attend. I signed up and guess that was the first step in a long journey to better health.

I am now in the last week of my third DWTL session and can tell you that I’ve learned something from every session. Let me share my milestones of the journey with the best lessons I’ve learned and I’ll finish with the priceless rewards I receive as I review the last 2 years.

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