In the quest to be the best total person that I can possibly be, I have been tapping into exercising my spirit and learning to become more “present” with meditation. It’s funny, because similar to exercise, sometimes it is hard to schedule time to meditate in a busy day. Sometimes there is only enough time to dedicate 20 minutes to either meditation or exercise. In most circumstances, exercise wins out, but then I thought about it.

Why can’t you meditate and exercise at the same time?

Then I realized that many people do, typically in the form of yoga or pilates. For some reason, my mind is so compartmentalized, that I couldn’t put these two together.

Until now…

Hence, the development of the Zen Workout Routine, where you can practice the art of meditation, while performing exercises that can easily be done while you meditate.

With this workout routine, I will provide instruction on both how to move your body and where to direct your thoughts.

You will enjoy this workout.

The Zen Workout Routine

For each exercise you will perform 3 sets. Do not worry about counting your repetitions. Move at a slow up and down pace and perform as many movements or repetitions as possible. Stop each set when you can no longer continue. I recommend using relaxing music during this zen workout routine.

1. Push Ups

Mind Focus:

Direct your attention to your breathing during this first workout. You want to breathe out when you push up and breathe in when you slowly lower your body to the ground.

When breathing out, release your daily stress, tension and frustration.

When breathing in, renew your body with fresh oxygen and energy that will cleanse and renew your spirit.

Physical Focus:

2. 45 Degree Pilates Crunch Hold

Mind Focus:

Focus your mind on the top of your head while holding your Pilates Crunch position. The top of the head is the location of the 7th chakra, which is the location responsible for pure consciousness. Imagine a battle between the positive energy that you will feel from the top of your head that is in contrast with the discomfort, or struggle taking place in your core. Put as much of your focus as possible into your 7th chakra and you will be surprised how long you will be able to hold the Pilates Crunch.

Physical Focus:

3. Triceps Dips

Mind Focus:

Concentrate on the bottom of your feet while performing the Triceps Dips exercise. Imagine that you are pulling in energy from the earth through the bottom of your feet and into your body, similar to a battery or phone being placed on a charger. This energy is all you need to continue slowly performing Triceps Dips. If you mind begins to wonder, simply refocus.

Physical Focus:

4. Biceps Curls

Mind Focus:

Direct your attention to the center of your chest, over your heart, which is the center of the 4th chakra. Because this part of your body governs unconditional love for others, focus on things in your life that you love and are thankful for. Ignore the burn and discomfort that you may feel in your arms and direct your attention to your blessings in life.

Physical Focus: