With all that is coming out in the media these days about athletes taking steroid to get big muscles, it makes you wonder how to get big muscles legitimately? I’m going to do my best to sell you this Big Muscle Workout for Men routine.

First, you have to get past all of the “noise” out there in the media about what you need to do to build muscle. It doesn’t take a huge financial investment. It generally shouldn’t take tons of time. And most workouts don’t even need to be done in the gym. Any program that seems ridiculous probably is. The Big Muscle Workout for Men is very reasonable.

Second, realize that most people do not workout the right way. I was watching an NFL athlete on TV performing exercises in the gym. And the technique was terrible. Absolutely terrible. I feel two ways about it. I’m wondering how much fitness professionals are keeping up with the latest research in resistance and cardio training. Then, I have to admit that I am happy, because I have the opportunity to shed light on the proper way to lift weight to get what you want. This is what you will learn in the Big Muscle Workout for Men.

Finally, this workout and others on the site are designed based on research and experience. Building big muscles can be simple. Focus most of your workouts on eccentric movements and eat well after.  To get that “cut” low fat look, you have to incorporate high-intensity interval training into your weekly cardio workout regimen. High-intensity interval training has been shown to burn subcutaneous fat (fat underneath the skin) better than traditional cardio workouts. The Big Muscle Workout for Men is an eccentric-based workout for men that is specifically designed to build muscle. If you really want to get big, this is the road map.

The Big Muscle Workout for Men


Perform 3 sets of 10 of each exercise at a 2 second up and 4 second down pace. Use a heavy enough weight that only allows you to perform 10 repetitions. If you can do more than 10, use a heavier weight. It's okay if you can only do 7 or 8 repetitions

The upright row squat is an excellent total body exercise, especially if you want to build muscle. Bring the weight slowly back to the ground over 4 seconds to practice your slow eccentric movement. 

V-ups are a great abdomen and core exercise. Go really slow with these and make sure that you control your motions while doing the V-Ups. Once you start losing control, stop the set. 

Biceps and shoulders all the way! 

Slow and controlled with these lunges. Focus on your balance.

Finish up today’s workout with some focus on your triceps. Keep your abs tight and move this weight slowly through the entire motion. This exercise is key to big arms!