The best one month workout routine is not necessarily the one you pay tons of money for. Believe it or not, you don’t even have to go to the gym for your workout routine if you don’t want to. The best one month workout routine only requires light exercise equipment, a goal and few obstacles you must overcome this month. Before you learn how to workout effectively, you have to confront the common barriers to sticking with it.

The biggest obstacles to working out are 1) not knowing what to do, 2) not knowing how to do it 3) not having the right equipment and 4) not having enough time.

Consider these obstacles 100% eliminated with this Exercise Menu special- The Best One Month Workout Routine. I guarantee that if you stick with this program for 30 days, you will feel like a completely different person. Included in the workout routines are a mixture of 20-minute workout circuits, 500 rep workouts, pyramid workouts, challenge workouts and slow movement workout routines.

The Best One Month Workout Routine is the easiest way to get into good shape. All you need is a pair of 10 to 20 lb dumbbells depending on your strength and fitness level. You only need to perform 3 workout routines per week. If you have any questions about this workout plan, please contact me. I have added a printer-friendly option below, so you can print and post on your refrigerator or reminder wall.

Be sure to include Cardiovascular Workouts in your routine at least 2-3 times per week.

See you in 30 days… If I even recognize you by then… 🙂

Your Best One Month Workout Routine

Week One

Back to the Basics Workout Routine – It feels good to keep it simple sometimes. Start here with very basic exercises.

Multi-Joint Madness Workout Routine – Exercise more muscles than you realize you had… A great total body workout routine.

Before You Go Out Workout Routine – Get it in before you get into this weekend’s chill mode… Learn a method to squeeze in exercise.

Week Two

Case of the Mondays – Big 3 Pyramid Workout Routine. Introducing a new format. A perfect workout to get you going this week.

Down to the Core Workout Routine – Build your natural back brace with a workout routine focused on your abs and back.

Glutes, Quads and Thighs Challenge Workout – This is one you will never forget! Meet this week’s challenge!

Week Three

20-Minute Leg Circuit Workout Routine – Want to feel the burn in your legs? Do you really?

Build Upper Body Strength Workout Routine – Speaks for itself… Lookin’ good by now?

Wash Board Abs Workout Routine – Get the killer abs you’ve been dying for…

Week Four

Superfly Bi’s and Tri’s Slow Burn Workout RoutineEccentric movements are key here…

Tick Tock Challenge Workout Routine – The countdown begins… Calories gone forever…

Back to the Basics Workout Routine –  It feels good to keep it simple sometimes. (How much easier is the Back to the Basics Workout this time around!?)

Good luck! Let me know how you do. Share your experiences with the Best One Month Workout Routine below!