Exercise recommendations are moving in the direction of increasing intensity and shortening of the actual time you spend working out. The majority of these recommendations are based on research on high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Research on HIIT is continuing to show its benefit in improving cardiac health, in addition to promoting fat burn. As far as cardio is concerned, most of the workouts can be done in even less than 10 minutes! The 30-Day, High-Intensity Interval 10-Minute Workout Experiment is designed to push these recommendations to the limits!

Many of us simply do not have the time to spend 30-45 minutes, five days a week to workout. We all have the best of intentions, but at the end of the day, obstacles frequently prevent us from meeting these milestones.

To me, doing something is better than nothing — but doing HIIT is probably better than traditional workouts! 

I am personally going to test this out over the next 30 days, and I want to help you improve your fitness with The 30-Day, High-Intensity Interval 10-Minute Workout Experiment. 

The only caveat — you have to give each workout routine 110% of your effort. If you ease through the workouts, I am not so sure that the benefit will be there. If you give all of your effort for 10 minutes, I am confident that you will notice some amazing results this month! It is a trade-off. But this trade-off will hopefully be worth it for you.

Finally, high-intensity interval training can benefit everyone. Just because it is “intensity” or “interval training” does not mean that it just needs to be for younger people or athletes. The highest intensity that you can give is all that is needed. 

30-Day, 10-Minute Workout Experiment

As always, check with your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to participate in this 30-Day, High-Intensity Interval 10-Minute Workout Experiment

Today you will not be performing any scheduled workout routine. Today’s challenge is to READ!!! Learn more about high-intensity interval training. Read these today:

  1. HIIT: Exercise Recommendations
  2. The Afterburn Effect
  3. HIIT Burn Fat!
  4. Weight Loss Facts

If you are serious about making these changes, this first step is a must!

10-Minute Workout, Total Body – Welcome to your first workout routine of this 30-Day, High-Intensity Interval 10-Minute Workout Experiment. Today’s 10-minute workout you can perform in the comfort of your own home! Even better, other than the outdoor cardio workouts, all the resistance training workouts can be performed at home with little equipment.

Today, push yourself to the max and challenge yourself. It will be worth it!

10-20-30 Running Cardio Workout – Congrats on finishing your first high-intensity interval training workout routine yesterday. I know first-hand that it was not easy. If you did it right, you probably continued sweating for many hours after your high-intensity interval workout! This is further confirmation that you are continuing to burn calories even after you stop moving. Keep up the good work!black woman stretch

The 10-20-30 running cardio workout is an introductory to high-intensity interval training! In order to burn fat, you have to perform your cardiovascular exercise at the highest intensity that you can safely perform. While this may be tough, the payoff is great! You will love the variety of this cardio workout. Remember, the faster you run, the longer you burn calories when your workout is done.

Perform 10 total rounds to complete a 10-minute workout. If you have the time or energy, don’t hesitate to shoot for more 😉

10-Minute Workout for Six Pack Abs – I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s 10-20-30 interval running workout routine! Hopefully, you are beginning to see the benefit of performing short, but intense 10-minute workouts.

man abs weight loss

Today, I have a special one for you to help you get those six pack abs you have been wanting! Just think, for the next ten minutes your abs are getting 100% of your attention and 110% of your effort. You will surely appreciate the benefits that this workout will have for your core and developing six pack. Remember, in order to get great abs, you have to lose the fat on top of them and underneath your skin! To do this, optimize your diet!

10-20-30 Running Cardio Workout – Let’s hit this again so you can perfect your 10-20-30 running technique. Push yourself during sport woman starting runningthose 10 second sprints! Also, try to step up your pace a bit for your 20 second running interval. Really give it your 100% maximum effort! I will bet good money that you ran further this time around than you did the first time. As I will preach over and over, the key is to “run for your life” during those final 10 seconds.

10-Minute Total Body Circuit – This 10-workout routine will definitely help you get your heart in shape while you burn fat!

Take a Break! – Enjoy the full day to yourself! Take 10 minutes today to lead the life that you want to live!

10-Minute Calorie Burn Workout – Start your next week of the 30-Day, High-Intensity Interval 10-Minute Workout Experiment with a full body workout routine! Don’t forget how important INTENSITY is!

4-Minute Tabata Sprints – The quickest, most effective workout routine that you will ever perform! This research-backed cardio workout is the staple high-intensity interval training workout program!

10-Minute Abs Workout Routine – Let’s give your legs a break today and put 10-minutes of focus on your abs.

20:20 Interval Cardio Workout – 20 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest. That’s fair??? Give it your absolute best for 20 seconds and literally watch the fat melt off your body.

10-Minute Upper Body Workout – Focus today on strengthening the muscles in your upper body.

No Excuse 10-20-30 Cardio Workout – Finish off week 2 of the 30-Day, High-Intensity Interval 10-Minute Workout Experiment strong with a 10-20-30 workout!

Take time today to congratulate yourself for making it halfway through this 30-Day, High-Intensity Interval 10-Minute Workout Experiment! Hopefully, by now, you are convinced that only 10-minutes of exercise each day can still have some good benefit. I also hoped that I stressed the key to getting good benefit from such short workouts — intensity…

Quick 20 Rep Sets Total Body Workout – Get through today’s workout as fast as you can!

8-Minute Tabata Cardio and Abs – Challenge yourself to Tabata X 2! One for your heart and the other for your abs! If you aren’t already, today you will be shocked by how much you can accomplish in less than 10 minutes!

Lower Body 10-Minute Lunge Workout– 10 minutes for your legs today! The pillars of strength!!!

4-Minute Tabata Cardio Workout – Just can’t get enough of Tabata… Push yourself! It’s only four minutes!!!

10-Minute Home HIIT Workout– Hit HIIT!!! Workout most of the muscles in your body today. All at home, no gym needed.

10-Minute Shadow Box Workout – Try something different today and perform a 10-minute workout in an unusual place, like your office! Appreciate how much cardio you can get just from shadow boxing!

REST!!! Chill out today! Get ready for your final week of the 30-Day, High-Intensity Interval 10-Minute Workout Experiment!

10-Minute Total Body Workout – Everybody sweat now!!! Start your week off right with some attention to every muscle in your body! Remember, don’t neglect intensity!

Suicide Sprints – Learn a new high-intensity cardio workout routine! Suicide sprint is an excellent workout for toning legs and burning calories.

Mountain Climbers, Tabata Style – Oh boy…. That’s all I’m going to say! How bad do you want it! This workout is really tough, but great for arm strength, leg strength and cardiovascular health!

Tabata Sprints! – I’m saving you tons of time again today! You may hate me for it though…

10-Minute Six Pack Abs Workout – Six pack abs… 10-Minutes… Feel the burn!

Today, take 10 minutes to meditate, or try meditation if you never have. The benefits of meditation are numerous and this regular practice is important for your health.

10-Minute Total Body Workout – See how much better you are now that you were before!

Tabata Sprints! – Perform these with good effort today! I am preparing you for tomorrow’s challenge!

10-Minute Burpee Challenge – Talk about a challenge! Perform as many Burpees as you can in 1o minutes! You are in good enough shape now to step up to this challenge!

Congratulations on completing this 30-Day, High-Intensity Interval 10-Minute Workout Experiment! I hope you learned a lot about the importance of intensity in your workout and saw how much benefit 10 minutes of focused time can make. Now imagine if you expanded some of these workouts to 20 minutes??? Anyway, good luck, keep up your momentum!