Thanksgiving Day dinner is the Final Exam of your diet and weight loss program! You have now made it a habit to eat half a plate of fruits and vegetables with most meals and you have successfully converted from white rice to brown rice. You prefer fish and poultry over beef and pork, because you know that lean meats are lower in saturated fat. Daily sodas are no longer a habit, and your portions are under control. It’s been a tough struggle. Fighting through hunger pangs, and squeezing in a least 20 minutes of physical activity each day has not been an easy feat. Now you have to continue your Thanksgiving Day Diet.

You are here… The calorie challenge of all challenges. The Super Bowl!

On Thanksgiving Day, you will be challenged to consume more calories in one “super bowl” than you probably have in the last day or two. To win, you must have a game plan, similar to one used by the best professional athletes. A solid Thanksgiving Day Diet will hold you for the day. Prepare, execute and review- and you will survive the most paramount dieting and weight loss day of the year!

Thanksgiving Day Diet

  1. Cut down your calories ahead of time. If you are like me, and can’t resist stuffing yourself to the point where you eat so much that you fall asleep for the next 6 hours, you should plan to cut your calories ahead of time. The week of Thanksgiving, plan the most stringent diet possible. Heavy on the fruits and vegetables, legumes, fish and whole grains. Avoid all high calorie foods, snacks and drinks. Limit your portions to the size of a saucer-sized plate. If you figure you are consuming 200-300 fewer calories per day at the least, you will be saving 800-1000 calories that you can “cash in” on Thanksgiving. At least you will come out even! If you cut down your calories early, there is no need for a Thanksgiving Day Diet!
  2. Increase your workout time. Make room for those Thanksgiving calories! Increase your workout time by 10-20 minutes to burn a few additional calories to make room for your Thanksgiving splurge. Spend more time performing aerobic exercise, which will burn calories faster than resistance training. If you haven’t yet, you may also try your first 500 Rep Workout! No better time than now…
  3. Win the mental battle first. For a successful Thanksgiving Day Diet, you must win the mental battle first. Dieting and lifestyle change begins in your mind. If you can’t control your cravings and behavior, there is no way you will be able to avoid temptation when the variety of tasty foods begin calling your name on Thanksgiving. Take 10 minutes each day to sit in silence and visualize yourself eating small healthy portions. Remind yourself of the obstacles you have overcome and appreciate the process of lifestyle change you have achieved thus far.
  4. Contribute to the meal. Teach others components of your Thanksgiving Day Diet. Whether you are the one cooking, or a guest, contribute a piece of healthy knowledge to your family and friends. You can bring a healthy dish, or share your weight loss/dieting knowledge. Organize an after-meal activity that involves physical movement. But I must warn you… Don’t offend the cook! Cough, cough… I think you know what I mean 🙂
  5. Control yourself. The moment of truth will come once you are holding your warm, empty plate. There is so much food to choose from, and a whole lotta empty space on the plate. Your challenge for the Thanksgiving Day Diet, albeit not easy, is to eat one half a plate of fruits and vegetables, one fourth a plate of turkey or other meat, and one fourth a plate of carbohydrates (stuffing, dressing, etc). Leave space between each food section and drink a full glass of water with each plate. Wait 20 minutes before returning. Do this and you will survive.
  6. Review your behavior. How did you do for your Thanksgiving Day Diet? Did you make it out alive, or did you have trouble accomplishing your goals? Did you stay awake for the football games, or are you passed out in the recliner? Identify your weaknesses and make a commitment to improve your self-control at your next test. It will come. It may even be that same day! Don’t beat yourself up though.
  7. Continue living a mature, healthy lifestyle.

Calories In- Calories Out = Weight loss. Half  a plate of fruits and vegetables, one fourth a plate of lean meats and one fourth a plate of whole grains. Exercise for at least 20 minutes per day.

If you follow this site, you know these rules. In fact, they should automatically play through your mind multiple times a day. Build the positive, healthy voice in your mind, follow through with mature actions and be the prime anatomical specimen you were made to be.

How did you do for your Thanksgiving Day Diet? Share in the comments section below!


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