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Workout today? Nah…

The Importance of Taking a Break for Exercise Recovery

The second most important aspect to reaching your fitness goals is to allow yourself time to rest and recover after your week of committed exercise. Typically, I limit resistance training to 3 times per week and specific cardio training to 3 times per week as we did on Week One.


Your body doesn’t make muscle and improve your heart and lungs while working out. In fact, the improvement comes after your workout routine with the proper amount of rest and appropriate nutrition.

A Common Problem

One issue that I have seen throughout my career, is that many get excited about beginning a new workout routine and take off into it a FULL SPEED! Not to mention that some of these programs are way too intense and involve too many intense workouts.

What happens?

Usually, an injury occurs and your body forces you to rest — usually, for more than just a day. It may take weeks to months to appropriately recover from an injury obtained in a workout program that did not allow you to rest.

In addition, it’s natural to get tired of working out everyday. Allowing yourself a day to relax and recover is important in keeping your interest in the program at its peak.

Your Solution?

Simply rest! Today, don’t perform any focused exercise activity. If you want to play with your kids, pets — then that is cool, but don’t overdo it.

I would like to share this pretty cool graphic with you provided by Allison Morris. It helps to explain the importance of taking breaks, not only with exercise, but with your everyday activities.

Bring your “A” game tomorrow!