My Newman’s Own Caesar Salad Dressing is sitting on the side of the curb in the trash can.

I always buy low-fat or low calorie salad dressing, but never really looked at the nutrition labels or thought about why. I knew that salad dressings are a sneaky way to add calories to a perfectly healthy salad, but never looked that much into it.

After a long day at work, I went to the grocery store and made a mistake in buying “normal” Caesar salad dressing. I lightly poured it on a salad and celery and was anticipating its fresh taste. Immediately, I felt the heaviness of the dressing and said to myself “what is this!” I immediately went into my kitchen and checked the nutrition label.

Whoa! What the… Are there really 170 calories in two tablespoons of this salad dressing! Seriously! I would rather not use this high calorie salad dressing and cash in my calories on a cookie or a doughnut! Depending on your recommended caloric intake, 170 calories may be as high as 10 percent of your recommended daily caloric intake! All in two tablespoons of nasty, heavy dressing… I don’t think so.

From that point, I walked to my trash can, dropped the full $3.00 bottle of dressing into the trash can and built a new salad with low fat Balsamic Vinegar dressing which only had 20 calories per serving.

Whew… Dodged a bullet there… That would have taken an additional 20 minutes of exercise this week to burn off…

I hope you learn from my mistake.