(Bi’s = biceps, Tri’s = triceps)

Today, we are going to change our target area and the pace, focusing on the bi’s and tri’s with a slow pace workout. A Bi’s and tri’s workout will target the biceps and triceps in your upper arms. Before we get into today’s Bi’s and Tri’s Workout, I want to go over the importance of understanding different movements that are used with resistance training.

Concentric movement, and eccentric movement are two terms you should understand in the workout world. The concentric movement is the movement against gravity, or the “up” movement. The eccentric movement is the movement with gravity, or the “down” movement.

Which movement is most important in building muscle? Concentric or Eccentric?

Paradoxically, the eccentric movement is the most important. Muscles undergoing eccentric loading suffer greater damage during exercise, which ultimately results in more efficient muscle growth. These movements are the “breaking force” in exercise, and probably the most important. I recommend further reading on the importance of your tempo. In addition, you should check out the article explaining the importance of the eccentric movement more in depth.

So, for today’s Bi’s and Tri’s workout- I want you to focus on the eccentric movement.


Perform each rep with 1-2 seconds up and FOUR seconds down, 3 sets of 10 - 15.

Slowly lower your body to the bench.

Muscles Worked: Pectorals, triceps, biceps, shoulders.

Bring it down slow!

Muscles Worked: Biceps, shoulders, trapezius, core muscles.

Feel how much stronger your core is getting?

Muscles Worked:Shoulders, triceps, biceps, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, core muscles.

Jump Rope or Pretend Jump Rope- 115 Reps

Don’t let gravity beat you!

Muscles Worked: Triceps, rear deltoid, core muscles.

Meditate while you do this one.

Muscles Worked: Abdominal muscles, back muscles.

Build your back muscles here to help improve your posture.

Muscles Worked: Shoulder, trapezius, rhomboids, quadriceps, glutes, lower back.

Jump Rope or Pretend Jump Rope- 115 Reps

Be strong, hold this plank for as long as you can for 3 sets.

Muscles Worked:Abdominal muscles, back muscles, lower leg muscles, triceps.

A great exercise to build the back of your arms.

Muscles Worked: Triceps.

Last one! You got this!

Muscles Worked: Shoulders, triceps, biceps, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings.


Nice work. I bet you feel great right now! Go eat some good food 🙂
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