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  • Relaxing is just as important as training!
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Relax physically and mentally to recover.

How to Stay Balanced With Rest

You made it to Day 21. You have stepped outside of your comfort zone. You have been sore. You sweated out your stress. And you sacrificed your time to continue with your commitment. You have worked hard and are noticing results.

Intensity is your new workout foundation. But, intensity cannot exist without rest!

You have to rest both your body and your mind every few days to allow for full recovery. A problem that I commonly see in myself and in others is that we get too into something — to committed to a goal that we forget to rest. Ironically, rest is an important stepping stone towards the result you are looking for.

When it comes to exercise, the principle is simple. Exercise stresses your body, rest is when you adapt and become stronger. Your body needs time to take into account the “exercise signal” that you are sending it to improve. After the signal is sent through a workout routine, your cells “the builders of your body” need time to make adjustments, AKA improved strength and endurance.

So take it easy today, find your beach and allow yourself to miss working out 🙂