Build Your Exercise Program

Taking the proper steps to start an exercise program is key to be successful.. The purpose of this article is to get you from sitting in your computer chair, to the point where you are seconds away from sweating. Here are a few things that you absolutely need to do to start your exercise program:

1. Why– As elementary as this sounds, you need to write down reasons why you are beginning this exercise program. It may seem obvious to you now, but there will be those days that you will not feel like exercising. This is a tool that you can use both now and down the road to attach a purpose with your commitment. Make a list with two columns. Label one column “long-term goals” and the other “short term goals.” For example: Long-Term- I want to lose 50lbs, and prevent heart disease. Short Term- I want a stronger immune system, and to relieve stress. Post this list on your desk or refrigerator.

2. Who- Who else can make this commitment to start an exercise program with you? It may be a friend, spouse, parent, son/daughter etc. Exercising is much more enjoyable when you are working out with someone. In addition, you are much more likely to consistently exercise, and exercise at a higher intensity when working out with a family or a friend. Email or call someone right now!

3. What- What do you need to start an exercise program? First, you need to read the cookbook! As with taking on anything new, you should read up on your new goal. Learn about the Exercise Menu exercise program. Next, figure out what equipment you will need to purchase, and find a safe place to exercise. Most of the exercises on Exercise Menu only require a pair of dumbbells or a resistance band. Start with the an Exercise Menu One Month Program or another workout available on the site. Finally, buy some nice workout clothes! This will help you feel more athletic and will also help you monitor body composition by the way your clothes are fitting.

4. When– Pick a date to start your exercise program and stick with it! The #1 reason why we don’t exercise is because of time constraints. YOU are now the priority. Set a specific date and a specific time to start. In addition, do what you can to schedule daily exercise during this first month of workouts. Example: 6pm-7pm on M,W,F and 4:30pm-5:00pm on Tues, Thurs, and Sat.

5. Ask- If you have any questions that pertain to your particular situation, please email me for advice or do a web search of reputable sources. This day in age, there is no need to guess!


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