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Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss

At times, we all need a spiritual guide to weight loss during those times when motivation is lacking. Losing weight and keeping it off involves a bit more than regular exercise and diet. Undoubtedly, successful weight loss has a spiritual component in order to make sure the weight that you lose now will stay off. Temptations are thrown at us on a daily basis, which can make weight management difficult. Many eat during stressful periods in life, and some days, exercise isn’t what you really want to do. In these cases, and other similar, you must rely on spiritual strength to get you through those trying periods. Follow these five steps that will provide a spiritual guide with weight loss:

  1. Recognize the stress that you are experiencing in your life. You may need to write down the factors that are bothering you. Identifying the problem is the absolute first step or you may not fully understand what you are combating. Be honest with yourself and seek a spiritual counselor or pastor if you need to.
  2. Set a goal to pray and meditate every morning before your day begins. I suggest reading The Power of Now, to learn proper methods. Go into the day with your mind clear of excessive, troubling thoughts so you don’t go into your work day already with loads of stress on your shoulders. Start the day “being present.” Zen Habits is also an excellent blog for meditation.
  3. Control your thoughts during the day to keep stress low. Often, compulsive thinking about what has happened, or what may happen is the source of most of our worry or regret. Learn to let go! During the day, meditate as you need to “put on the brakes” from stressful thinking. Do not overeat or smoke to relieve your stress.
  4. Workout during or after your workday to release any stress that has built up during the day. I suggest doing at least 20 minutes of exercise most days of the week.
  5. Reflect on the challenges you have had to face and overcome at the end of the day. Be honest with yourself. How did you cope? Take time before you go to sleep to meditate and clear your mind before sleeping. Avoid choosing desserts as a way to manage your stress.

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