As far as body mechanics are concerned, few things are more important than having good posture. Having good posture involves having enough awareness of your body’s posture at any point during the day. In addition, you must have the muscular strength to maintain good posture at all times. For some of us, the lack of awareness, not strength is the reason for poor posture. For others, it is the lack of strength, not so much awareness. For me — both! So, to improve my overall posture I meditate to improve awareness of everything, including my body. I also regularly perform the Slow-Paced Posture Improvement Abs Workout Routine to make sure that I have enough endurance to sit or stand up straight. Not only with the Slow-Paced Posture Improvement Abs Workout Routine help your posture, it will also improve the tone of your abs and back for a tighter waist line.

Decide today to take measures to improve your posture. You will appreciate the reduction in back and hip pain and the improvement in self-confidence!

Slow-Paced Posture Improvement Abs Workout Routine


Perform each abs and back exercise as directed to improve your posture!

Jog in place for two minutes for a refreshing warm up. When jogging make sure you jog straight up and stretch your spine out as much as possible to make you feel tall when jogging. Do not jog slouched over.

Hold the Pilates Crunch Hold for a total of 200 seconds. Make sure you breathe regularly while holding the position. Keep your feet on the ground!

Since you just worked the front of your core, time to work the back of your core with the Superman exercise! Make sure you breathe!

Don’t forget that your legs are also involved in helping you maintain a healthy posture.  Hold the Wall Sit for 200 total seconds. I know you know by now… But breathe!!! 

Last one! You know the drill 😉

If you have time, I recommend repeating the Slow-Paced Posture Improvement Abs Workout Routine to optimize results!