Losing weight is easy, if you want it to be.

Weight loss actually does not involve anymore physical effort than what you are doing right now as you read this post. You do not need to go for a walk, you do not need to run and you do not even need to think about touching or lifting any kind of weight. No pills are necessary and you do not have to blend any special drinks or take a weight loss supplement. You don’t need to purchase a thing. In fact, this method will even save you money in the long run.

So, what am I talking about that I express with such confidence?

Eat less and don’t drink your calories. Period.

I apologize if I am being overly blunt or straightforward, but this is what we all need from time to time. As I express throughout the site, calories in – calories out = weight loss. Forget the media, forget the news. Master this equation and you will master your waistline. Here are a few tips to help you reduce your caloric intake.

1.  Reduce the amount of food you eat. Simple enough. The best part about this method is that you don’t even need to worry what you eat. No diets, no plans. Instead of the footlong, get the six inch sub. Instead of eating a full hamburger and all of the fries, eat 75% of the hamburger and half of the fries. Just don’t make yourself eat every single thing on your plate, and you will lose weight. Oh wait — sounds like a slogan!

Leave it on the Plate to Lose the Weight

2.  Eat “extended-release” foods. Extended-release foods are foods with a low glycemic index, meaning that the sugar (carbohydrates) in the foods that you eat are digested slowly and released slowly into your bloodstream. When high-glycemic index foods, such as white rice, white pasta, white bread, candy and cake are eaten, sugar is released so fast into your bloodstream that your body cannot keep up. So, what happens? This excess sugar is stored as fat. On the other hand, low-glycemic index foods — your brown breads, fruits and vegetables (most of them) and brown rice release sugar into your bloodstream at a pace that your body can keep up. Your brain, muscles and body’s organs can use all of this available sugar so none of it is stored as fat. Eating extended-release complex carbohydrates can help you lose some serious weight.

3.   Don’t drink another calorie. One soda, one sugary tea, a glass of orange juice or your blended fruit drink can contain as much as 10% or more of your daily allowed caloric intake. A calorie containing beverage is just a waste. Eat your calories instead. Stick with water, coffee and natural teas. If you must drink a flavored drink, always check the nutrition label to see how many calories are in the beverage.

Remember these simple concepts and you will lose weight. If you are making these changes already and still having difficulty, you should check with your doctor tom make sure you do not have a health problem that is causing your weight loss difficulty.


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