If you want to train your cardiovascular system in the most efficient way possible, you should perform interval training cardio workout routines. And of course, research studies support this claim.

If you are unfamiliar with interval training cardio workout routines, it involves running at a faster pace for a shorter distance and taking a break, instead of running at a slow pace for a longer distance without breaks. Overall, interval training cardio workout routines will get you better results with less effort. I really hope the move towards interval running continues to move forwards… but it starts with you!

Why wouldn’t you perform an interval training cardio workout rotuine?

  1. It’s quicker
  2. Easier
  3. Safer
  4. More Effective
  5. More Fun
  6. More Challenging
  7. And it makes you feel more like an athlete.

Sold? Here is a simple interval training cardio workout routine to get you started and literally moving in the right direction.

Before Your Interval Training Cardio Workout Routine

Step One

Choose your starting point. You can start at the mailbox in front of you residence or another predetermined spot. Make it your starting block — a place that motivates you.

Step Two

Choose your end point. For starters, it should be no more than 30 or 40 yards, the equivalent of a 4-5 second sprint pace. As you advance, you can increase your end point to as far as 100 yards. The key is to choose a distance in which you can perform an 80-100% sprint effort without slowing down. If it is only a few yards, that’s okay. If it is the full 100 yards, cool. Do whatever works best for you.

Step Three

Perform a 3-5 minute warm up jog. Warming up is a must! If you don’t warm up, you are at a high risk for injuring yourself, AKA a pulled hamstring. So if you are going to cut your workout short, don’t ever cut out your warm up period.

During Your Run

Step One

Stand at your starting point. Only think about how you will move your body as fast as possible to your end point. To help, think of all of the stress you have accumulated during the day and use it as a boost for your sprints.

Step Two

Sprint as fast as possible to your end point with the proper running mechanics.  This is your Olympics. This is your World Championship race. You are competing against illness and ailments. Win the war…

Step Three

Run past your endpoint and only slow down after you have run completely through your finish line. Take a 30 second to one minute break, and then repeat. Continue this interval training design for a total of 20-30 minutes for a complete interval training workout routine.

Simple enough…


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