This ab-building workout routine was developed on the fly during one of my regular ab-centric workouts. Crunches aren’t necessarily the “best” ab exercise to do. I would argue that the ab wheel, ab planks and bicycle crunches are the best; nonetheless, it is still beneficial to switch up your routine with different exercises. Crunches are still a good option.

For this workout, there are three different positions in which you will perform the crunch exercise.

The first position involves you performing 33 repetitions of the traditional crunch exercise. You will put your feet flat on the floor and perform a regular abdominal crunch going straight upwards towards the ceiling.

Next, you will perform 33 crunches towards the non-dominant side. In other words, if you are right-handed, then perform crunches to your left hand side. As far as the setup is concerned, you will want to lay on your back with your knees bent, but turn your knees to your non-dominant side as much as possible. After you place yourself in the proper position, now you will want to crunch straight upwards towards the ceiling. You should feel the burn in the side of your abs that you are working.

Finally, you will want to switch your legs over and perform the same 33 “side crunches” to your dominant side.

That’s it! Another simple way to change thing up to keep working out fun and effective.