Apps have taken over the world. Almost every electronic device from your microwave to your cell phone has some sort of application to help you to do something easier. I’m not addicted to apps, but have to admit that I do love a good app when I come across one. A good app has an attractive and has a simple interface that makes a task easier or solves a problem. The Runtastic Collection of Fitness Apps does just that!

In staying up to date (as best as possible) with the many emerging fitness apps, I came across the Runtastic Collection. I noted the Runtastic running tracker app, which looked attractive, but did not try this particular one out because I have been using the Nike+ app for my runs and have all of my run data stored here. However, I did notice apps that track push ups, sit ups, squats and pull ups also developed by Runtastic.

The app designs were attractive and offered a free “lite” download, so I tried out the push ups app.

In three words — I love it!

The Runtastic Push Up app uses iPhone/Android technology to count and record the number of push ups that you perform. In addition, the app offers workout plans to help you maximize the number of push ups that you can perform in one set. After completing 13 sessions, I love the slow, healthy progression in increased repetitions, adequate rest time between reps and continual motivation to keep you pushing… Up! In fact, the app even sends you a reminder when your next workout session is due!

As far as recording, set up a profile and the app records your number of push ups recorded for the month, year and overall. You get a rank with other users of the app, and awards for completing certain milestones.

runtastic push ups

I highly recommend taking a look at the Runtastic Push Up app, which you can try for free here. You may also consider free trials of other apps in their collection. I love and use frequently the Runtastic Timer, which helps me to create and follow high-intensity interval training workout intervals.