Post-Katrina, New Orleans is developing into one of the premiere fitness cities in America. As the city has struggled for decades with obesity, New Orleans is taking action to improve weight loss efforts in the community. Due to recent improvements in Audubon Park and City Park, new walking and bike tracks make enjoying the outdoor weather in New Orleans more convenient and safe. Don’t hesitate to lace up your shoes, grab a water bottle and get in an excellent outdoor workout.

On days when indoor workouts are planned, you may look into joining one of the many fitness centers available. Click the link below to view a brochure that highlights the larger workout hot spots in the community

New Orleans Fitness Centers Review

If you are aware of other gyms, yoga studios, or boot camp classes that you would like publicized, please leave a comment below. Provide the name, location and details about the particular gym you enjoy.

If you are a gym manager or studio owner and would like your facility advertised on this site, please contact me.

I encourage ALL New Orleanians to take advantage of the parks and facilities to show that we are no longer one of the worst cities in America in regards to health.

You may also try one of the many workout routines available on this site.

Enjoy! Stay healthy!