Other than your own body weight, the cheapest, most effective piece of exercise equipment that everyone should own is a resistance band. For as little as $10 or less, your patient can get a quality piece of exercise equipment that will allow him to do many different types of exercises in a small space. Further, performing exercises with a resistance band will help him build muscle, improve strength and increase their overall muscular endurance. Resistance bands are not intimidating as a room full of big weight may seem to your patient. ¬†They are simple, safe and effective — the perfect prescription.

Thanks to Phil Hitchcock, a Tulane University School of Medicine Medical Student, all you have to do is have your patient purchase a resistance band, give them this handout and tell them to get busy!

Print the handout here: Resistance Band Workout for Patients

In addition, on this site, there are 100+ workout routines that are designed to be convenient, at home workouts that your patients will enjoy because of the simplicity and effectiveness behind the design.

When it comes to exercise counseling for patients, the resistance band is the way to go!