• No equipment needed!
Learn another method to simplify your workout routine.

A Quick 20 Rep Sets Workout Routine

Today, I want to show you an example of another convenient workout routine that you can put together in no time. Again, it’s simple. No equipment needed, simple design, good results.

For the Quick 20 Rep Sets Workout Routine, all you have to do is perform 20 repetitions of each exercise for 2 or 3 sets, depending on how extensive you want your workout routine to be today.

You can also choose your pace. Either 1) Go fast and improve your endurance, or 2) Go slow and improve your strength and increase the size of your muscles.

Simple enough? Let’s get started.

Today’s Quick Workout Routine

Do two or three rounds of 20 reps for each exercise.

1. Push Ups


(Modified) Push Ups

You got these. You should be a push up pro!

This exercise works your pectorals, triceps, biceps, shoulders.

2. Squat with Calf Raises

Keep this exercise in mind when you want to exercise all of the muscles in your lower body. Feel free to hold a pair of dumbbells if doing 20 with just your body weight is a bit too easy.

Muscles Worked: Quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves.

3. Pilates Crunch

You should probably do these slow to get the best core workout today. As I love to stress with this exercise, make sure you breathe throughout your entire movements.

This exercise works your abdominal muscles, back muscles.

4. Tricep Dips

Dip it out and work the back of your arms! As I mentioned in earlier workouts, place your feet farther away from your body or prop them up in a chair to make this exercise more difficult.

This exercise works your triceps.

5. Glute Kickbacks 

Glute Kickbacks are surprisingly a great way to exercise both your glutes and your hamstrings. For this, you can do 20 on each side.

This exercise works your glutes, hamstrings

6. Ab Twists

You gotta love some good ab work, especially to finish off a workout routine. If you are ready, you can try to perform Ab Twists with a dumbbell. The twisting type of ab motion is the most functional movement you can perform for your abs.

This exercise works your abs, lower back.


I regularly come back to this workout routine on those days that are extremely tight. Keep practicing the “new way” of exercise: hit it hard, get it done fast.