Learn how to exercise your upper body in 10-minutes.
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Sometimes there just isn’t simply enough time to squeeze in a full workout routine. We are all busy. Between family, work and other hobbies, it can be difficult to spend time on yourself. Well today, I want to help you remedy this problem with a quick 10-minute upper body workout routine!

Some believe that you cannot get much benefit from a quick 10-minute upper body workout routine.

I beg to differ.

If the right exercises are chosen and done with as much intensity as possible, you will surely benefit.

Quick 10-Minute Upper Body Workout Routine


Perform as many repetitions of the exercise that you can in one minute, and then move on to the next exercise.

Works most of the muscles in your upper body with concentration on your shoulders. Keep your back straight!


One of the best multi-joint upper body exercises you can perform.

Put some work into your core muscles. Hold a dumbbell when you do this. 

Work the back of your shoulders and your upper back!

Finish up with some attention to your “beach muscles.”

Repeat the circuit one more time for a full 10-minute upper body workout!