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500 Rep Workout Routine for Beginners: An Introduction to the Foundation of Fitness

You gotta start somewhere.... Exercise Menu is the perfect place to learn how to workout and lose weight. The 500 Rep Workout is the perfect workout for those beginning an exercise program because this is the workout that YOU control. You can make it as variable or intense as you want, but you have a goal to meet every time you lace up your tennis shoes. 500 reps, or repetitions, is your destination for each workout. You can choose to [...]

Frustrations During Weight Loss; Does the Scale Lie?

It's no secret that losing weight can be frustrating. But the whole picture of weight loss may be more complicated that you know! Find out more to see if your lifestyle changes are headed in the right direction.

The 9 Food Groups: The Mediterranean Diet is the Key to Weight Loss

You should be familiar with the phrase "Calories In - Calories Out = Weight Loss." The more food you eat, the more you have to exercise to burn it off. When it comes to diets, one consideration that is often overlooked is the quality of the calories that you are eating. Sure, if you reduce your caloric intake, you will lose weight, but you want to make sure those fewer calories that you are consuming are rich in nutrients and [...]

Eating and Exercise: What to Eat and When

Some days your workout is full of energy and other days you wonder if you have enough energy to make it through the first few exercises. Well, you may want to take a closer look at what foods you are eating and when you are eating them. Properly managing your meals, snacks and beverages before and after exercise can have a huge impact on your workout intensity and how well your body recovers from your workout. Pre-Exercise Meals Eating the [...]

Louisiana State University (LSU) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Program (PM&R) Residency Video

As a resident in the LSU Physical Medicine and Rehab Program, I am highly biased because there is honestly no other PM&R program that will give a "chill challenge." This is a program that appreciates teaching and learning on all levels, so that you are confident in exactly what you will be practicing at the end of 4 to 5 years. Not to mention the fact that you will be one of the few graduating PM&R residents that will be [...]

Kid Safe Workout: 30-Minute Circuit Workout for Children

Michelle Obama is to thank for the recent push to get kids healthy with the Let's Move Campaign. There is absolutely no reason for kids to be overweight or obese, and it honestly hurts my heart to see children headed down the path towards chronic disease."Back in the day" we used to run around outside all of the time, whether it be biking, or playing tag, many of us achieved the 60 minutes per day of play time the Centers [...]

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