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Timothy French Weight Loss Testimonial: Portion Control

While my first session of DWTL was successful, I did not take away what I needed to get my weight under control. By the summer of 2009, I was still 304 lbs,miserable and scared from the aches and pains I had from being obese. I had chest discomfort for 3 years now and wanted to know why. I did my annual physical during the summer and was referred to a cardiologist who did a full set of diagnostic [...]

Timothy French Testimonial: How to Diet and Lose Weight

My first session of DWTL in March 2009 is the first milestone of the journey. From that session, I learned that five serving of fruits and vegetables per day and walking at least 10,000 steps were key. If I learned nothing else, that alone would be of value for the rest of my life. I still keep track of these parameters daily. I also learned the importance of consuming more whole grains, such as brown rice and brown [...]

A Success Story: Timothy French’s Weight Loss Testimonial

Timothy French is a follower or Exercise Menu workout programs. He reinforces the fact that small practical changes result in weight loss and great improvements in health. Read his story: I’ll start my story in early 2009 to keep it brief. I could just as easily start it at an earlier time, as weight gain and weight loss have been a long term event. I’ve gained and lost large amounts of weight throughout my life since childhood and [...]

List: The Effects of Exercise on the Heart and Cardiovascular System

Of course there are numerous benefits to regular exercise, not to mention the tremendous benefits regular exercise has on heart health. Check out the list I put together for your reference regarding a few of the major benefits of exercise on heart health. Changes at Rest Heart rate decreases. Amount of blood pumped per beat increases. Changes with Light to Moderate Activity Heart rate decreases. Amount of blood pumped per beat increases. Tissues become more effective at extracting oxygen from [...]

Healthy Foods: Do You Want Chemicals With That?

Simply put, fast foods are genetically modified to taste good. Because almost everything at a fast food restaurant is cooked in a plant hundreds of miles away, there is very little nutritional content left. These foods are frozen in transport, and generally reheated in oils in the restaurant. Why do these frozen and reheated foods smell so good? Well, it’s because they are loaded with chemicals to give the feeling, smell, and taste of fresh, delicious food. The reason fast [...]

How to Perform the Pyramid Workout

  Goal The purpose of the Pyramid Recipe is to combine both strength training and cardiovascular exercise into one workout. This workout promotes both strength and endurance. To Cook: This recipe is very simple to do. Follow the recommended exercise for the given day. Start with doing 10 of every exercise. Once you have completed 1 set of 10 of each exercise, then perform 9 of each. After you have performed 9 repetitions of each, now do 8, then 7, [...]

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