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One Month Beginner Workout Plan: Ease Your Way Into Exercise

Looking for a one month beginner workout plan to ease your way into exercise? Beautiful! I must applaud you and your new commitment! Please join the club! The deal has been made, and you are officially sold on beginning a one month beginner workout plan- or at least giving one a try. As much pressure as I feel to keep you reading, I am confident that this particular one month beginner workout plan will help you comfortably ease into exercise [...]

250 Rep Workout Routine You Can Do In Your Kitchen

Some days, finding time to workout can be nearly impossible. You were going to wake up early, but overslept... You planned to go for a walk at lunch, but it rained. You had to pick up your kids after work, who needed help with their homework. You are going to cook dinner because you don't want the groceries to go bad that you bought yesterday - and after dinner you have about 2 hours of work to complete before tomorrow.I [...]

Review Brochure of New Orleans Fitness Centers

Post-Katrina, New Orleans is developing into one of the premiere fitness cities in America. As the city has struggled for decades with obesity, New Orleans is taking action to improve weight loss efforts in the community. Due to recent improvements in Audubon Park and City Park, new walking and bike tracks make enjoying the outdoor weather in New Orleans more convenient and safe. Don't hesitate to lace up your shoes, grab a water bottle and get in an excellent outdoor [...]

Best Way to Treat Ant Bite

This is an unusual post for me, but this method to treat an ant bite was so effective that I couldn't help but to share it with you. I spent a lot of time outdoors the past few days, and apparently, the ants were not to happy with my presence. I was bit on the foot, and realized the itch was surprising uncomfortable. In the mix of trying to be "tough," my foot began to swell and the urge to [...]

Abdominal Crunches Safety Concerns; Choose Pilates Crunches or Ab Planks

If you are doing the classic "hands behind the head" abdominal crunch to tighten up your core, I strongly suggest you consider including other exercise alternatives if you want to maintain the health of your spine. Abdominal crunches safety concerns are being noted more and more in recent sports medicine literature. Posture is of utmost importance in maintaining the health of your spinal column. That's why doctors constantly tell you to "sit up straight, stand up straight and lift heavy [...]

The Importance of Fitness When You Have a Chronic Illness

This guest post, The Importance of Fitness When You Have a Chronic Illness,  is by Melanie Bowen a regular contributor for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. When your doctor announced that you had a chronic illness, you likely were terrified. Maybe you knew it was coming, but still hoped for the best. Perhaps the announcement caught you off guard. Regardless of how you felt, you likely also understood that a terminal illness or rare disease, such as mesothelioma or to treatable [...]

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