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High Intensity Interval Training: HIIT Burns Subcutaneous Fat Best

What is there not to love about high intensity interval training (HIIT)? Not only is this type of cardiovascular training best for improving both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, it is also the best type of cardio that you can perform to burn fat, particularly HIIT burns subcutaneous fat, which is the fat immediately underneath your skin. Thanks to Canadian researchers, Tremblay and associates, we have a better understanding of how HIIT burns subcutaneous fat better than those long, boring, slow-paced [...]

The 12-Minute Cooper Fitness Test

How will you know how well you are doing from a fitness perspective without the proper feedback? Sure you may feel better, look better and have more energy, but it always helps to have an objective measure of feedback. The Cooper Test, developed in 1968 by Dr. Ken Cooper, is still a relevant and simple tool that you can use today to measure your current level of aerobic fitness, which is described in scientific terms as your VO2 Max. This [...]

10 Minute Total Body Home HIIT Workout Routine

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is no new workout routine, but is gaining more and more scientific support that is should be included in your workout schedule at least twice per week. HIIT training is tough, but the payoff makes it worth it! With regular HIIT training, you will improve both your speed and endurance; in addition to, burning more fat and saving time. In fact, this 10 minute total body home HIIT workout routine will continue to burn calories [...]

Balancing Protein and Carbohydrate Intake to Aid Muscle Gain

Learn how to balance protein and carbohydrate intake to aid muscle gain and prevent fat gain. Change your diet to build muscle.

600 Rep Seriously Intense Workout Challenge

Dumbbells Ab Mat Plan a monthly challenge to help you keep your motivation up! Learn how to design a simple exercise challenge. I promised you two major challenges towards the end of this month, and challenges you will get! Today, it is time to step up to the 600 Rep Challenge workout routine! Challenge workouts are ones in which you are presented with a few exercises and you have to do them all as quickly [...]

How to Schedule Exercise Into Your Week

Only 25 percent of Americans meet the daily recommendations for exercise. Thus, one in four of us performs a 20-minute high-intensity cardiovascular workout three days per week, or a 30 minute cardiovascular workout five days per week. One in four of us performs resistance training, or weight-lifting exercises, three days a week. The other 75 percent just can't make the commitment, understandably so. Exercise is another thing to do this week. Another task to complete after work or school, in [...]

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