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4-Week New Body Workout Plan

At any point in time, without cost, you can take advantage another chance to continue our good habits or improve upon old ones. I have learned about the value of simplicity during the past year, and have learned to incorporate simplicity principles into my workouts (of which many have been posted). This 4-week workout plan will be no different. The simple goals of this 4-week plan is to both improve cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength with as little time investment as possible. Because [...]

A Different Approach to Reaching Health Goals

Try a few different approaches to reaching your health goals so that you are successful without becoming disappointed.

Intermittent Fasting: The “New” Way to Eat for Health?

Dear Exercise Menu Readers, Throughout the years I have done my best to present research-backed information regarding weight loss, health and fitness to you. My philosophy for overall health is "intensity with simplicity," and I hope that Exercise Menu reflects that. With that being said, I want to bring to your attention a new movement in the weight loss realm. But I must warn you, the research support behind my new discovery is thin at best. I want to talk [...]

500 Rep Workout for Leg Endurance

A 500 rep workout routine is one of the best workouts that you can perform to improve leg endurance. While 500 reps may seem overwhelming, just think about how many steps you take during a jog? A couple of thousand? While trying to improve leg endurance, it is best to choose high rep workouts to train your muscles to be able to last longer during your jogs or runs. Doing heavy leg workout routines may also be helpful, but not [...]

The First New Year Circuit Workout Routine

res·o·lu·tion  (rz-lshn) n. - The state or quality of being resolute; firm determination. As we thank God for allowing us to live and breathe through another year, it's time to put a new stake in the ground to mark firm, determined habits for the new year as we get lean! While virtually every media site will present a new 2014 exercise fad, or provide some type of motivational message — sometimes, we just need to get up and get to exercising! This indeed is [...]

250/500 Rep Leg Workout: You Can’t Hide Your Legs Forever

One of the best things about winter is that you can wear long pants, long dresses or sweatpants and don't really have to worry how your legs look. But, before you know it, the Groundhog sees his shadow and you only have six weeks left to get those hibernating legs back in shape for the outdoor season. Well, now is the perfect time to start refocusing a little more attention to the largest muscles in your body. The worst thing [...]

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