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Mindful Eating: Why Do You Eat?

Think about why you are eating the food you choose when sitting down for a meal. You may open your mind to some interesting discoveries!

The Easiest Workout Routine Ever!

Find out how to perform the easiest workout routine ever! It's very straightforward and can be done without the stress of figuring out what to do!

Why I Started Throwing Away Food

A practical tip on how you can lose weight by throwing away (or saving) left over food instead of forcing yourself to eat it!

Young Adult Obesity Curbs Chances of Long Life

Today, the journal BMJ published new research for early release that looked more into the effects of young adult obesity on longevity. This day in age, most of us know that being obese can lead to the early development of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, etc. But what struck me about this particular research was that many of the people in this study developed serious illnesses way earlier than I expected -- if they even lived [...]

12-Minute HIIT High Intensity Interval Training Cardio Workout

I'm a busy man... But today I had no excuse for not completing this 12-minute HIIT, high intensity interval cardio workout routine. Here is today's story: Today, I had to wake up way to early to be able to go out and run. Besides, I am not a morning workout person -- never was. So, running this morning was definitely not an option. I planned on getting my run in after work, but because I work in a clinic, you [...]

A Simple 5K Workout Routine

Running Shoes Workout Clothes Put on paper what you want and do whatever you can to make it happen! Complete a 5K run! I love simple, but fancy workout routines. I am a huge supporter of high-intensity interval training, but do agree that an occasional longer run is appropriate. A 5K, or 5 kilometer run should be attainable if you have been regularly running, even if just performing high-intensity workouts. There is not [...]

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