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Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss

Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss At times, we all need a spiritual guide to weight loss during those times when motivation is lacking. Losing weight and keeping it off involves a bit more than regular exercise and diet. Undoubtedly, successful weight loss has a spiritual component in order to make sure the weight that you lose now will stay off. Temptations are thrown at us on a daily basis, which can make weight management difficult. Many eat during stressful periods [...]

The Proper Diet to Build Muscle and Get Ripped

For years I spent a lot of time in the gym trying to get "ripped," or really develop the tone in my muscles. My workout program changed frequently, but I could not quite the get results that I wanted. Aware that nutrition was important, it did not quite "click" with me. Eventually, I started paying more attention to the foods I ate. Without surprise, reducing portions and eating the right foods helped me lose surface fat and improved my ripped [...]

Nike Air Relentless Running Shoe Review: An Awesome Buy

Nike Air Relentless Review I am a runner. Not a running fanatic, but I take my 20-minute Fast Pace runs seriously. I have always appreciated good comfortable running shoes, but never made too much of a big deal about feel, weight, etc... Until I met the Nike Air Relentless shoe... Recently, my run, in shoes that are about two years old, left my feet quite sore over the following few days. Realizing how pitiful and embarassingly cheap I was being [...]

Why Meditate? Science and Medicine Support

Why Meditate? Today's Guest Post is provided by Holly Peek, an MD/MPH student at Tulane University and host of Holly on Health, a radio show, newspaper column, and social networking sites focused on health and medical issues for Generation Y. Her blog can be found atĀ Imagine yourself sunbathing on a warm and sunny tropical beach. As you sit in the soft warm sand, you notice there is no one around you; just you and the steady soft roar of [...]

Exercise Motivation: Tips to Get You Started!

You have been up since 5am, went non-stop at work, ate a little junk food today, got the kids settled and now have to choose between a night cap or a bout of exercise. Naturally, you are now leaning towards a drink and a movie Looks like you need a touch of exercise motivation... Hmmmmm... Before you make this choice, let me put in a voice for choosing the bout of exercise. First, you should be proud of the fact [...]

Workout Routines for Your Lifestyle

As a personal trainer and physician, I appreciate the importance of having a set workout routine to achieve a particular fitness goal. It can be frustrating to search for different workout routines each day you want to exercise. It's much easier to already have them designed and scheduled for you. Further, paying for a particular workout routine may be another obstacle to helping you get started with a particular plan. Exercise Menu provides different 4-week workout routines that are designed [...]

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