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Two Important Goals for a Lifestyle of Fitness

Achieving a lifestyle of fitness is all about goal setting, goal accomplishment, and often, goal revision. It can be difficult to workout on a regular basis without a set goal in mind, whether it be to lose so many pounds or run so many miles. Throughout the year we set goals, and some we reach and others we revise. Despite the personal goals you have for yourself, there are two goals that you should have to lay the foundation for [...]

When to Workout: Before Your Shower!

A shower is a hygienic ritual that we all (hopefully) perform once, sometimes twice per day. A good shower will wake us up in the morning, or calm us for a nice evening of rest and sleep. And, there is nothing like a good warm shower or bath when it is cold outside. The availability of a good shower is really a blessing when you think about it. You take a shower to get clean, so why don't you make [...]

Six Ways to Improve Your Exercise Technique

Technique, or the way you perform a particular exercise is often overlooked when exercising. Proper exercise technique is important for two simple reasons: 1) Your workouts are more effective if you workout the right way. Meaning, you will get much stronger in your 20 minute workout if you do things the proper way. 2) You will reduce the likelihood of getting hurt or injured. Many stray away from exercise because of the fear of injury. If technique is done correctly, [...]

Brew With a Moka Pot For the Best Tasting Coffee!

My Mr. Coffee traditional brewing coffee maker broke the other day, and it was the best thing that has ever happened in my "Coffee World!" I have to admit that I was a bit aggravated, because the coffee maker was only a few years old and I paid around $60 dollars for it. But, a small blessing in disguise? I would say so. I love coffee. I respond well to it. It keeps me alert and coffee is packed with [...]

Is Whey Protein Isolate Enough After a Workout?

Throughout my life of lifting weights, I have had mixed opinions about taking a protein supplement after my workout. To date, there is a good bit of strong scientific evidence that supports taking whey protein isolate after your workout to increase muscle size, strength and performance. Further, whey protein isolate may also help to improve your post-workout recovery. Whey protein isolate is a milk protein processed from cow's milk. There are many available brands on the market, but I tend to prefer [...]

What If We Just Prayed? We Would Be Healthier People!

I will never hesitate to admit that I am a prayerful person, but the truth is that I don't pray and show gratitude to the Creator as much as I should. We take a lot of things for granted, and are fortunate to be able to. We are blessed to be able to go to a store, buy food, drink clean water. But it is indeed, the availability of "stuff" that we take for granted. This "stuff" only complicates our [...]

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