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Is Your Workout Useless?

You may have a strong commitment to a dedicated workout routine, but you may be wasting your time with useless workouts if you are not practicing certain methods that have been show to help you get the most gains from your workout. Follow this advice to make sure you don't waste any more time!

How to Lose Weight After Knee Surgery

The average person gains up to 14 pounds after knee surgery! Learn simple, but effective methods to lose commonly gained weight after your procedure. Tweak your diet and exercise habits to return to the body you had before surgery.

The Best “Fat Burning” Foods and Beverages

Some foods are clearly better than others when it comes to helping your burn fat and lose weight. This guest post by Marguerite Boyer outlines which foods are safe and important to include in a sustainable weight loss diet program.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Therapeutic Home Exercise Program

Learn how to perform an effective and safe therapeutic home exercise program to prevent and treat your symptoms associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Many cases of this ailment can be treated conservatively with exercise.

Three Simple Rules to Lose Weight

Learn three simple, easy steps to lose weight now without making big changes in your diet or exercise lifestyle habits. No diets, pills, supplements or exercise needed!

Tips for Exercise Motivation

There are many health conscious people who have visited gyms and have done many exercises. However, in no time, they quit exercising! Do you know why? Well, the main reason is that they do not get the desired results in the stipulated time period. As a matter of fact, there is no magical wand in the world of exercises, which will make you achieve your workout goal instantly. Depending on the body framework and the impact of exercises, each individual takes time to achieve the desired goal.

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