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EnduraCool Towel Review by ExerciseMenu.com

Keep your fitness and workout gear up to speed with this interesting instant cooling towel from Mission Athletecare!

“Calories In” Minus “Calories Out” May Be a Bit Confusing

An article in the Chicago Sun-Times reports  that 80 percent of people cannot accurately estimate the number of calories required to maintain current weight, 25 percent don't try and only 12 percent estimate correctly. Estimating calories can be a difficult task to undertake. Daily calorie recommendations can range from 1200 to more than 4,000, depending on daily activity levels. So what's the best advice in estimating you daily caloric needs? 1. Use an online BMR calculator. It may not be [...]

Three Health Goals You Should Accomplish Each Week

Eat five fruits and vegetables per day, walk 10,000 steps per day and perform 2-3 workouts per week and your health will drastically improve if you accomplish these three health goals. According to a recent University of Pittsburgh study, 1 out of 1,900 Americans met the American Heart Association guidelines for heart health. That's embarrassing and further necessitates the need for solid health goals for all Americans to follow. However, now more than ever, more and more people want to eat [...]

SiteGround Web Hosting Review (From a Non-Techy) Blogger

A review of the SiteGround Hosting Company from a non-techy blogger. If you are web naive like me, this may be the best company for you.

Quick Start Pyramid Workout Routine

The Quick Start Pyramid Workout Routine is one of the most simple and effective workout routines that you can accomplish anywhere you want to without the need for equipment. This pyramid workout routine is based on this simple principle − exhaust as many muscles in your body as you can in the shortest amount of time and you will absolutely lose weight and build muscle. This workout also challenges you to complete these exercises as fast as you can. Even better, [...]

Candy is Not Food! Diet Lessons Learned From a 3-Year-Old

They say that if you pay attention and stay present in your surroundings that you will learn something new everyday... This couldn't be more true. The other day, I was spending the weekend with a few friends. Friends who had young children from the age of one to four. The kids were playing freely and clearly enjoying themselves. There was one child in particular who was extremely intelligent for her age. She was clearly the ring leader of the other [...]

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