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Best Personal Trainer Certification Programs

Personal Trainer Certification So you have decided that you want to be a personal trainer... Awesome! I can tell you that personal training is one of the best jobs available. It forces you to stay in shape. You have the creativity to design your own workout programs. You meet new people everyday, and you can truly make a difference in another's life. Choosing the best personal trainer certification program can be difficult because there are so many organizations to choose [...]

500 Rep Build Upper Body Muscle Workout Routine

I will be honest with you... It's great to have good abs, a strong back and toned legs, but if you want to really feel like you are in shape and want to make sure others know it, then you gotta put good time and energy into an upper body workout. This workout focuses on your biceps, triceps, shoulders, pecs, traps and upper back. Even better, you don't need heavy weights or a gym membership to accomplish this goal because [...]

Beautiful Body Workout Routine

Beautiful Body Workout Have you ever been through an automatic car wash after spending weeks without washing your vehicle? You know how it works. There is the pre-wash when loose dirt is easily removed. Then, soap is sprayed and sits on the exterior of your car as it breaks up stubborn dirt, and finally, the high-powered jets spray hot water on your car from top to bottom. You drive forward and the fans dry your car and before you know [...]

Blog Review: 4 Hour Work Week

Tim Ferris, a young 29 year-old author, is becoming a more popular blogger and writer each day after releasing a successful New York Times #1 seller the 4-Hour Work Body. His blog contains information from how to lose weight to tips on how to get rick, dance or improve certain areas of your lifestyle. If you are looking for an answer to a "life" question, this blog may be one to add to your repertoire. The blog layout is appropriate [...]

Treatment Options for Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spurs

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Waking up in the morning can be hard enough as it is, much less waking up to excruciating foot pain during the first few steps of walking. Second would be the terrible heel pain you experience during the day after exercise or following your work day, particularly if you are on your feet all day. Well you are not alone. Surprisingly, ten percent of the population describes similar symptoms at least once per year resulting in one [...]

Is Marathon Running Safe For the Heart?

Marathons, triathlons, biathlons, mega marathons, and other super intense races and challenges seem to be becoming more popular these days. In fact, in the past year, registrations for marathons has increased by two million!  Interestingly, we are beginning to see a significant divide between those that take workout to the extreme and couch potatoes or chair pears. Concern is arising that marathon running may not be safe for the heart. Specifically,  the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress states that moderate exercise will [...]

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