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Best New Year’s Tips from a Personal Trainer

Let us introduce you to Stacy Lamorte, a personal trainer based in New Orleans. She has an independent in-home personal training business and is a busy mother of 3 children. A huge thanks to Stacy Lamorte for taking the time to share her experiences and expertise with us in this interview.  Thanks Stacy for agreeing to do this interview. How long have you been a personal trainer and tell us more about your business? Thank you for asking me!  I [...]

Watch List: Our Favorite Fitness Gear to Kick off the New Year

So now that the year is well underway, you may feel like those New Year's Resolutions have passed you by.  That first week of the New Year, with returning to work, school, and daily life, may feel like there's another resolution that has come and gone.  Well we're here to tell you there's no perfect time like today! We've rounded up some of our favorite fitness gear to help motivate you and kickstart that New Year, new habit, or even new day resolution. [...]

Do Detox Diets Really Work and Are They Safe?

Starting a detox (detoxification) diet at the beginning of a New Year is just as much of a tradition as toasting to the New Year itself! Detox diets are common, but do detox diets really work? The short answer - no, but there can be some point to performing a detox diet. There is little evidence that detox diets actually eliminate toxins from your body. Believe it or not, there really is no need to start a detox diet to eliminate [...]

Multi-Joint Pyramid Workout Routine

No equipment is needed! Do you use artificial sweeteners? If so, you may want to read this... Learn a new pyramid workout routine technique. Let's revisit the pyramid workout routine format that you were introduced to on Day 15. And yes, it is true that again, you can get a total body workout without the use of equipment, the need for much space or the availability of much time. Honestly, I don't have much more to [...]

The Key Healthy Pantry Foods to Have Stocked

This Key Healthy Pantry Foods guest post is provided by Kieran Stober, M.D., an Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Physician and nutrition specialist. Keeping in mind the importance of balance when stocking your pantry is the key to maintaining long-term nutritional health. You must understand that balance; however, to be successful. The following guest post about key healthy pantry foods provides excellent insight into the healthy foods and elements you need to include into your daily diet. Key Healthy Pantry Foods HEALTHY FATS [...]

The “Before You Go Out This Weekend” Workout

Talk about a real reason to workout! You gotta look good when you go out this weekend with your friends, family, or go on that special date. In addition, this weekend workout needs to be quick because who really wants to workout on f Friday or Saturday before going out anyway? So, we are gonna target the areas today that will help you turn some heads this weekend. Overall, the goal is to target multiple muscles in the body for [...]

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