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Lose 2 Pounds In Seven Days: One Week Weight Loss Plan

You are ready to make the commitment to staying in shape, and because you are very intelligent, you decide to avoid starvation, fad diets, and exercise plans. Exercise Menu will coach will guide you towards building a healthy foundation in building healthy diet and exercise habits with a one week weight loss plan.  In order to accomplish your healthy goal to lose two pounds in 7 days, you remember that calories in – calories out = weight loss. Here are [...]

Instrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation and Forming Long-Term Exercise Habits

A lack of motivation to exercise regularly is the number one reason why most of us don't. Sure, time is a close second, but let's face it. We can all find 10-30 minutes a day to increase our level of physical activity. Now, more than 2/3 of Americans are sedentary. The lack of physical activity is a very serious health concern that increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea and certain cancers. So where can we find continual [...]

Workout Safely: How to Choose the Right Exercise Intensity

Knowing whether or not you are getting a good workout can be difficult sometimes. Often, we either exercise too hard to exhaustion, or do not quite work hard enough to get good benefit from our workout. Exercising at the right intensity is important to both prevent injury and to reap the health benefits of your commitment. Here are a few tips to help you get the most outta your sweat! 1. Listen to your inner voice telling you to "do [...]

Exercise is a Best Grade 1A Treatment for Depression

Breaking out of the shell of depression can be the most difficult mental challenge you may face in your life. Fortunately, another study is providing supporting evidence that exercise is the BEST medicine for depression! This disease, (yes, disease) is the fourth ranked global burden by The Global Burden of Disease, and effects more than 10% of us. Depression is difficult to treat because it can be hard to recognize, medications are not perfectly effective, and these medications can be [...]

Couch Workout Routine: 20-Minute Circuit Workout

What? A circuit workout routine you can do on your couch? Yes! Ladies and gentleman, I present the Couch Workout Routine! Now you really have no excuse! Sorry I had to do it to ya, but here is a 20-minute couch workout routine you can perform without even getting up off of the sofa! In addition, you can perform this couch workout in your office chair, or from the side of your bed. You don't have to get up and [...]

Glutes, Quads and Thighs Lower Body Challenge Workout Routine

If you are looking for a lower body workout this Glutes, Quads and Thighs Challenge Workout Routine will not disappoint. Strong leg muscles will support your knees and help you maintain a strong back. Not to mention, healthy legs are attractive! Take a second and think about how blessed you are to have functioning legs, although you may have arthritis, nerve problems, or other causes for weak legs. Think about the complexities of leg movements! Your brain sends a signal [...]

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