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Build Muscle Simple Slow Pace Workout

Sometimes you just want to get straight into the workout. Perform these exercises at a slow pace, which has been scientifically shown to significantly build muscles. Complete this total body workout and notice quick increases in your strength. Perform 3 sets of 10. One second up, four seconds down. Upright Row Squat Slow full body warm up. Muscles Worked: Shoulders, triceps, biceps, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings.  Triceps Dips  Tighten up your arms with slow dips. Muscles Worked: Triceps. Flutter [...]

Straight to the Point Full Body Power Workout

Every now and then, we just want to be able to pull up a workout routine and get it done! Because I don't want to waste your time, I have put together a full body power workout that is designed to help you improve the total amount of force that you can exert on an object. Being powerful is particularly important for athletes, but we can all strive to improve in this area of fitness. For this full body power [...]

Total Arms Pyramid Workout: Build Muscle in Your Arms

If you want bigger, strong arms --- this challenging pyramid format workout if for you. The Total Arms Pyramid Workout contains essential exercises to build biceps, triceps, shoulder and forearm muscles. Try to get through this workout as fast as you can, resting when you need to, to get the most benefit. Believe it or not, you will only do three exercises in this workout to build bigger arms. Trust me. It's not about being fancy with your workouts... It [...]

How to Perform Suicide Sprints/Ladder Runs

Someone gave this suicide sprints, also known asladder run,s workout a bad name! This sprint workout routine is far from suicidal! In fact, it's more life-giving than traditional moderate-paced jogging cardio routines! I say this because research is continuing to support that high-intensity workout routines improve your fitness and burn fat better than jogging alone.  Suicide sprints are called such because, well, they really work you out if done correctly. This cardiovascular workout is simple, time efficient and effective in [...]

Dr. Gourmet Iphone App Review

The much anticipated Dr. Gourmet Iphone/Ipod Touch app has been released! As always, continually upgrades the site and products to meet the needs of his audience. The new Dr. Gourmet Iphone App is surely one you should consider downloading for your mobile device. Even better, the app is free! The app, released 12/22/2010 is the first version of the Dr. Gourmet app. This version is simple, but offers convenient features in both an exercise diary and a food diary. [...]

The Foundation of Fitness: Mental Health

Fitness is often only thought of as physical health. We talk about cardiovascular exercise, weightlifting, circuit training, etc, but often neglect the true foundation of fitness: mental health. If you are finding it difficult to commit to your exercise program, or can't quite begin one, you should look under the hood. It's like driving a car. If the car can't start or run like it should, it might be something going on with the parts you can't see. The same [...]

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