Your genetic blueprint contained the making for a toned, strong upper body and core, but for some reason, your lower body is lagging a bit behind. Or, you are one of many who simply prefer to do biceps curls and push ups over squats and lunges… Regardless of the cause or your circumstance, you are smart enough to realize that you need to give a bit more focused time towards strengthening your lower body. This One Month Workout Routine for the Lower Body  was designed with you in mind.

Think about it. You feet and legs are virtually involved in everything that you do! In the world of physical medicine, your feet, knees and hips are usually the first joints affected as you age, probably because of weakness and muscle imbalance. Therefore, beginning the One Month Workout Routine for the Lower Body, and then continuing lower body workout routines from there on out is important in keeping you out of your doctor’s clinic, so you can continue to do the physical activities that you enjoy. I urge you not to underestimate the importance of lower body strength. I have to admit that with the best of ’em, I also want to make sure my arms look good, but I have also realized the importance of leg strength. I hope that I have convinced you to do so.

The One Month Workout Routine for the Lower Body is straightforward — all you will need is a pair of dumbbells. Each week, there are three workout routines that you should perform for that given week, with a day of rest between workouts. These workouts are designed based on the high-intensity training theory, so they are efficient, but will provide significant results. Most can be completed in 20-30 minutes.

Be sure to include at least 2-3 cardiovascular workout routines into your weekly schedule. Most of the resistance training workouts include a cardiovascular component, so if you don’t perform any extra cardio, your heart is still getting a bit of attention with the resistance training workout routines.


One Month Workout Routine for the Lower Body

Week One

20-Minute Leg Circuit Workout Routine – Time to start those lower body muscle engines…

Multi-Joint Madness Workout Routine – Exercise more muscles than you realize you had… A great total body workout routine that includes the “uppers.”

20-Minute Booty Blast Workout Routine – Gotta work the glutes! A great workout to accentuate your curves…


Week Two

Don’t Hide Your Legs 500 Rep Workout Routine – No need to be ashamed of your legs anymore after this 500 Rep Workout Routine!

20-Minute Leg Circuit Workout Routine – Bringing you back to this workout so you can see how much you have already improved!

Glutes, Quads and Thighs Challenge Workout – This is one you will never forget! Meet this week’s challenge!

Week Three

Explosive Lower Body Power Workout Routine – The workout routine that will put some “pep in yo step!”

Lower Body Pyramid Workout Routine – An excellent lower body challenge workout in the Pyramid Workout format. A solid workout routine…

20-Minute Circuit Workout Routine for the Knees – Strong knees to keep you pain free and way from the doctor!

Week Four

Multi-Joint Madness Workout Routine – A workout routine you should keep in your arsenal!

20-Minute Leg Circuit Workout Routine – Reminding you that a good lower body workout routine can be done in 20-minutes!

Lower Body Pyramid Workout Routine – I know you liked this one…

Good luck in completing this one month workout routine for lower body strength! Let me know how you do. Share your experiences below!