Looking for a one month beginner workout plan to ease your way into exercise? Beautiful! I must applaud you and your new commitment! Please join the club!

The deal has been made, and you are officially sold on beginning a one month beginner workout plan- or at least giving one a try. As much pressure as I feel to keep you reading, I am confident that this particular one month beginner workout plan will help you comfortably ease into exercise at your own pace.

But before we get into it, take a second and further solidify this commitment to yourself and your health! If you build the foundation of scheduling at least 20 minutes of physical activity into your day, most days of the week, then you will be in great shape! Combine these efforts with reasonable dietary improvements and you can consider yourself  “healthy.”

For this one month beginner workout plan, you will need minimal equipment (a resistance band or a pair of dumbbells at the most), and all of these workout routines can be performed at home.

Do this for you! Again, congratulations on making this commitment. This one month beginner workout plan will ease you into exercise at a comfortable pace. Remember, you know your body better than anyone. Don’t jump into these workout routines too fast if you are new to exercise. Instead, go at a slow pace through this one month beginner workout plan to avoid injury.

You got this…


Perform three workouts per week, with one day of rest between workouts.

One Month Beginner Workout Plan

Week One

10-Minute Total Body Circuit Workout Routine – 10-minutes to ease you into a better lifestyle! This workout routine will leave you wanting more!

All in One 20-Minute Circuit Workout Routine – Your first circuit workout routine! The key is to go at your own pace! Do what you can in the given 90 seconds for each exercise. This is your workout.

20-Minute Core Workout Routine – Focus your last workout routine of the week on strengthening your core- including your abdominal muscles and back muscles.

Week Two

Begin Your Week 20-Minute Workout Routine – Get your second week started off on the right foot! Congrats on getting through the first week. Try to pick up the pace on your circuit workout routines just a bit 😉

Slow Paced Workout Routine for Strong Shoulders – Focus your second workout routine of the week on keeping your shoulders healthy and strong. Your shoulders are the most unstable joints in your body- so, keeping them strong is a priority. Slow the pace of your movements. If you have time, read this article about the importance of incorporating slower movements into your workout routines.

Before You Go Out Workout Routine – Big plans this weekend? Let an Exercise Menu workout routine help you tighten up so you can feel and look your best on your next few days off.

Week Three

“Case of the Monday’s Pyramid Workout Routine – Introducing an new workout at the beginning of week three that I’m sure you will love. I use Pyramid workout routines often in my own training because it provides a change of pace and structure. Further, the Pyramid design is effective in improving your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health.

Caffeine Energy Workout Routine – Need a workout routine to improve your overall energy? There is no better time than the middle of the week to knock out a good workout to get your energy levels up. Trust me… This is a much better option than an energy drink…

20-Minute Couch Workout Routine – Really? A workout routine you can do without even getting off your couch? C’mon man! No excuses to skip this one!

Week Four

Drop and Gimme 20 Workout Routine – It’s the beginning of week four! Here is a quick workout to get you going. This is also a good workout routine to keep in your arsenal for those days your just really aren’t feelin’ it.

Push ups, Lunges, Crunches Pyramid Workout Routine– I’m throwing a challenge at you. Get back to old school exercise without fancy equipment and regimens. These classic exercises have survived the test of time!

Boot Camp 250/500 Rep Workout Routine – After all Exercise Menu is “The home of the 500 Rep Workout…” You gotta meet this challenge- and the time is now! Five exercises, 50 or 100 reps of each, but I challenge you to try 100 reps of each. Go at your own pace and you will be surprised how much you have developed over this past month.


I’m proud of you for completing these twelve workout routines. I’m sure that this program has changed your life for the better. Now you must keep this going! Over course, Exercise Menu provides other workout routines and one month programs for you to jump on. If you enjoyed this one, go through it again. Do your best to live in the present moment, enjoy life and take care of yourself 😉


American College of Sports Medicine