It’s no secret that losing weight and keeping it off is a challenge. Hence, having a blueprint in a one month weight loss plan and workout routine will give you direction in trying to achieve your one month weight loss goal. What you may not know is that building muscle mass speeds up your metabolism and allows you to burn additional calories at rest. In addition, performing 500 rep, circuit and challenge workouts at a fast pace will help you burn calories at a fast rate, which will also help you lose weight and maintain it. Finally, building muscle will help you look more toned so you will notice positive results quickly.

Before we get to your one month workout plan, remember that you should always pay attention to what you put in your mouth. Think of it this way: you will cancel the benefits of a 20 minute workout with the 15 second pleasurable taste of junk food (doughnuts, cookies, cakes, chips, fast food, etc). Before you eat bad food, look at it and ask yourself “Do I really want this?” Last tip: eat all your meals on a saucer instead of a full sized plate. One half a plate of veggies/fruits, one quarter complex (brown) carbohydrates and one quarter of the plate a lean meat (preferably fish). Follow these basic diet tips, complete your workouts in this one month weight loss plan and you will soon realize how easy weight control really is. Good luck!

One-Month Weight Loss Plan

Perform three workouts per week, giving yourself one day rest between workouts and the weekends off. Incorporate cardiovascular exercise, such as running, walking, jogging, biking, etc as often as you can. The more the better. Check out my cardio workouts to find out what to do to burn calories!

Week One

Back to the Basics Workout –  It feels good to keep it simple sometimes.

Strong Abs, Strong Back Workout – Tired of back pain?

Glutes, Quads and Thighs Challenge Workout – This is one you will never forget!


Week Two

Multi-Joint Madness Workout – Exercise more muscles than you realize you had…

Boot Camp Challenge Workout – Get ready to battle the world…

20 Minute Weight Loss Workout – Only got 20 minutes to lose weight? Jump on this workout!


Week Three

Tick Tock Challenge Workout – The countdown begins… Calories gone forever…

Ultimate Ab Workout – Nice core…

20 Minute Abs, Thighs and Buns Power Circuit – Tighten up from the waist down in 20 minutes…


Week Four

Build Upper Body Strength Workout – Speaks for itself…

You Can’t Hide Your Legs Forever – A new season is around the corner. Gotta get those legs ready!

Tick Tock Challenge Workout 2- 600 Reps – Can you hang?


If you stuck with the simple diet tips and the workouts, I am sure you will notice a difference in your weight and health. Keep in mind, the scale can only tell you so much. If you don’t lose as much weight as you want, you likely gained a few pounds of muscle! The most important measure is noticing how your clothes fit and seeing how you feel.

Again, congrats!