Improve upon your 10-20-30 interval running technique.

Overcoming Excuses

Today, I want to add some mental tools to your “Healthy Lifestyle Toolbox” to help you get past those days were working out can seem tough. (Or you may just begin to look like that couch potato pictured above…)

And this may not be the case for you today, but at some point in your training it will be. When that time comes, I want you to have the proper voice in your head that will continue to motivate you to push forward with your lifestyle improvements.

I have compiled a list of the most common excuses for missing a workout routine and have shared a different perspective in overcoming these obstacles.

Workout Excuse Scenarios

Here are a few counterattack techniques you can use to beat your brain:

Excuse: “I’m too tired. It really has been a long day.”

On days I absolutely do not feel like exercising, I pick my most favorite workout routine and promise myself that I will at least do three sets of 10. I either choose, Biceps Curls or the Wood Chop, which are my two favorite exercises. More often than not, when I finish that one exercise, my body is craving for more. I become warm and my muscles loosen up significantly, which makes me want more! Try this technique and see if it works for you.

Excuse: “I don’t have the right equipment to get a good workout.”

Advice: Hopefully, by this point in the 30-Day Beginner Fitness Challenge, you have realized that it really doesn’t take much to get in shape. A little time, a pair of dumbbells and a floor is all you really need, even though you can progress well even without dumbbells! You absolutely don’t need a gym or fancy equipment to get in shape. Kill this excuse…

Excuse: “I’m too busy.”

Advice: Incorporate exercises throughout the day. Purchase a pedometer and make your goal 10,000 steps/day. This equals about 5 miles in distance and will allow you to burn 500 calories a day, or lose 1 lb. per week. Increase your activity by parking further away, taking the steps, taking walk breaks at work, or walking in place at your desk. Use your time wisely and choose 10 or 20-minute workout routine from the Exercise Menu Workout Index.

Excuse: “I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t feel comfortable with exercise techniques.”

Advice: You have to be knowledgeable about what you are doing before you delve into it. Not knowing what you are doing can surely increase your risk for injury, and will result in a less effective workout.  This 30-Day Beginner Fitness Challenge is designed to help you begin and progress through a lifestyle of healthy diet and exercise habits. If you need to view an exercise demonstration video more than a few times to get the technique down, do it! Technique is important, but if you are following even the slightest of instruction, chances are you will not injury yourself.

Now that we have rewired the neurons in your brain to get you past these excuses, let’s get to the workout routine for today.

One of my favorites, the 10-20-30 Cardio Workout Routine.

10-20-30 Cardio Workout Routine

In case you need a refresh:

You run at a low, comfortable pace for 30 seconds, run at a moderate pace for 20 seconds then sprint for 10 seconds. Do this circuit 5 times, and then rest for 2 minutes. Workout for a total of 20-30 minutes and you are done!

Don’t have a stopwatch? Just use driveways. Run 3 driveways at a low pace, 2 at a moderate pace and sprint to the next driveway. Again, that simple.

Let’s look at it this way:

  1. Run at a comfortable pace for 30 seconds, or for 3 driveways
  2. Speed up and run at a faster, moderate pace for 20 seconds, or 2 driveways
  3. Sprint for 10 seconds, or from one driveway to the next


Random Words of Wisdom for Today!

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