No equipment is needed!
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Learn a new pyramid workout routine technique.

Let’s revisit the pyramid workout routine format that you were introduced to on Day 15. And yes, it is true that again, you can get a total body workout without the use of equipment, the need for much space or the availability of much time.

Honestly, I don’t have much more to say other than — I love this workout!

How to Perform the Pyramid Workout Routine

For today’s pyramid workout routine, we are going to target most of the muscles in your body.

As the video explained, perform 10 repetitions of each, then 9, then 8, etc — all the way to 1. Once you finish 1 of each, perform 11 of each in your last set.

Here are the big three:

1. Push Ups

Start this workout with a classic.

This exercise works your pectorals, triceps, biceps, shoulders.

2. Pilates Crunch

Abs… Abs… Abs!!!

This exercise works your abdominal muscles, back muscles.

3. Lunges

You can’t beat a lower body exercise that works virtually all of the muscles in your lower body…

This exercise works your lower extremity, focus on quadriceps.


You have done a great job to make it this deep into the 30-Day Fitness Challenge! Keep pushing and keep learning! Less than one week left!

Good work today! See you tomorrow!