The Multi-Joint Circuit Workout Routine for your total body will help you to get in shape in no time! Multi-joint workout routines offer many benefits. Not only are you working multiple muscle groups in a single exercise, your heart and body have to supply oxygen and nutrients to many different parts of your body. When you first do this multi-joint workout routine, it will be a tough 20 minutes… But over time, your body will adapt and you will become more efficient in performing multiple joint exercises.

Finally, performing occasional multi-joint workout routines will help you get past a plateau, or failure to advance in certain exercises.

Personally, I often perform this particular multi-joint workout routine because you know that you are not neglecting any particular muscle in your body. I love this workout and I am sure that you will too ;)

Multi-Joint Circuit Workout Routine


Perform each exercise for 90 seconds. Take a one-minute break then repeat.

Hit this 20-minute workout routine hard today! If you are using a heavy weight to build muscle, move at a slower pace. If you are using a lighter weight, you may go at a faster pace to build endurance.

You will feel so good after this one.

Click on each exercise to view an instructional video.

Wood Chop (45 seconds on each side)
Lunge Curls (45 seconds on each side)
Squat Shoulder Press
Ab Planks
Upright Row Squat
Don’t forget to repeat the circuit!

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