We all have our days every now and then. Yes. That day when you wake up in the morning and wish that miraculously time would stop and you could get a few more hours of sleep. The day when you go to the kitchen to make breakfast, but realize you are out of cereal, multi-grain bread, peanut butter, fresh fruit and coffee. Traffic is terrible. It’s raining and nothing at work or school seems to go as planned. You finish up with your daily commitment and finally decide that you need to hit the refresh button. There is no better way to clean the slate than with a Mood Lifting Workout Routine followed by a few minutes of meditation.

A mood lifting circuit workout routine is great for mood. In fact, exercise is the number one treatment for depression. Not only can it treat depression, it also has been shown to immediately improve mood soon after a workout. Specifically, aerobic, high-intensity exercise has been shown to provide the greatest benefit.

Let’s get you past this mood slump and get you feeling good again! I really hope this Mood Lifting Workout Routine can help to get you through the day!

Mood Lifting Circuit Workout Routine


Perform each exercise for 90 seconds, and then repeat the circuit

Perform a deep squat, and then jump as high as you can! Squat and jump out the day’s stress to lift your mood. Perform as many as you can in 90 seconds!

Push out all of that upper body stress!

When you finish with this exercise, you will be so tired that you won’t care about any of your problems anymore! 

Hold the plank position and meditate on the positive things in life 😉

Jump for joy! Jack out stress to lift your mood!

Don’t forget to repeat the circuit!