Although many of us do not look forward to Monday (much less a Monday workout routine), you have to appreciate the clean slate that it offers. For some reason, it can be hard to make new lifestyle changes, say on a Wednesday. I think it’s because we are waist deep in activity, stress and just trying to make it through the week that it is a challenge to throw something else in the mix. What about a change on Thursday? No, because it is almost Friday. A Friday change? Yhea, right. Then it is the weekend, and “we know how ‘dat go.” That is why Mondays can truly be great. And a great time to commit to a good workout routine.

MondayOne way to look at it in a positive light, instead of our default dread, is to consider every Monday an opportunity to self assess and make a change in our lives. Forever and ever, until the day we die, we should continue to grow and improve, as nobody is perfect. Nobody has the perfect diet or exercise routine. It can always be built upon or tightened up — and I think God made Mondays just for that reason. So, here are a couple of steps you can take to make sure you get the most out of the best day of the week to start healthy changes off on the right foot:

  1. Reassess last week. You shouldn’t look into the past unless you are going to learn something from it. In this case, it is okay to look back and review your successes and pitfalls of the following week. How was your diet overall? How often did you succumb to eating unhealthy foods? How many workout sessions did you fit in? What was the quality of your workout sessions? Did you lose weight or gain weight? Did you increase the number of reps you can do in a workout? Did you workout??? The key is to take an honest self-assessment. Nobody has to know but you. And this is not an opportunity to feel bad, just an opportunity to make some good adjustments.
  2. Plan for today. I say just plan for today, because planning for the rest of the week takes too much time, and you already have enough to do today. So, just think about what you will accomplish today. What can you eat that is healthy for breakfast. What are you going to do for lunch today? How can improve your dinner plans? How can you improve your posture today? Can you try taking the elevator or parking farther away? And finally, what workout will you try today? Make your plan for today only. If you can make at least one positive change today, consider yourself successful. Remember, the most important thing you can do for weight loss is to improve your diet — the most important thing for the health of your mind and body is to exercise for at least 20 minutes.
  3. Practice the are of freedom! The absolute worst thing you can do to yourself is to set a “goal,” but look at it like a punishment. Your Monday workout routine should not be a torture to you. Torture in the sense that your workout routine should not be too challenging, it should not take more time than you can commit and it should be simple. If your Monday workout routine meets these criteria, then you will will feel more free in doing the workout because you will enjoy it. You will enjoy the movement of your body in space. You will enjoy the the endorphin release and stress relief that will be gracious rewards following your workout. Be free! Enjoy your time. I trust it will be worth it.

To help you make that next step towards success — here is a Monday workout routine that will help you get this week started off right!


Monday Workout Routine

Keep it as simple as possible today. Let’s do a circuit workout with 1-minute intervals, in which you do an exercise for 1-minute then rest for 1-minute. We can do 2 rounds of 5 exercises to complete a 2o-minute workout. If you are really pressed for time, just go through the circuit once for a 10-minute workout!

Click the exercise link to view the video demonstration

Squat Shoulder Press

– A great total body exercise, particularly a good exercise to choose to warm up.

Ab Planks

– A challenging, but super effective exercise in improving your core strength.

Wall Sits

– The perfect exercise to work your lower body. Hold for 1-minute!

Tricep Dips

– Tighten up the back of your arm with this classic exercise.

Shoulder Circles (Dumbbells)

– Round of your shoulders and your upper body with the Shoulder Circles exercise


Repeat the circuit one more time for a full 20-minute workout!